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Shri M Natarajan, Distinguished Scientist & CCR&D (ACE) has been appointed SA to RM and is concurrently Secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development; and Director General, DRDO w.e.f. 31 August 2004 (F/N).


Several DRDO Scientists have been promoted from Sci F to Sci G w.e.f. 1 July 2004. Bio-data of some of the promotees highlighting their contributions in DRDO have been reported in this issue while profiles of other promotees would appear in the subsequent issues of DRDO Newsletter.

CVRDE, Avadi

Shri R Shankar, Sci G, graduated from College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai and obtained his Postgraduation from REC, Warangal. He joined DRDO at Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangalore in 1974 and later joined Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi as Sci C in 1980. Here, he started his career in design and development of software and system management for MBT Arjun. Subsequently, as a Project Director, he was involved in the development of advanced automotive electrical system for MBT Arjun.

Under his guidance, transfer of technology of electrical and electronic assemblies of MBT Arjun was initiated for production and inspection agencies. As Project Director, he also planned and executed BHIM T-6 SP 155 Self Propelled Artillery Programme right from its inception to its acceptance by Army for induction into service. Presently, as System Manager of IGMDP, he has been involved in the design and development of T-72 based BLR-III, BCC-III and ASPL-III for Akash programme as well as in successful realisation of Namica Mk-II vehicle for Nag . He has significantly contributed in successful rolling out of 165 Carrier Mortar Tracked (BMP-II) vehicles from Ordnance Factory, Medak (OFMK) and in initiating TOT activities for productionisation of armoured ambulance vehicles from OFMK. He is a senior member of Computer Society of India and Society of Automotive Engineers.

DMRL, Hyderabad


Shri R S Raju obtained his BE from REC, Warangal in 1970 and MS from IIT, Chennai in 1984. He joined ISRO at VSSC, Trivandrum in 1973 and continued till June 1984. Later he joined Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), Hyderabad in June 1984. At DMRL, he worked in multi-disciplinary technologies and made impressive contributions in erection and commissioning of 2 ton Titanium Sponge Plant and, 2000 ton Isothermal Forging Plant and produced titanium sponge successfully. He then moved in 1988 onto a challenging field of investment casting of complex airfoil blades and vanes for gas turbine.

Shri Raju has made major contributions in development of wax pattern and ceramic core dies of Hallow D S turbine blades and vanes for Kaveri engine, integral rotors and stators for Jet fuel starter of LCA, PTAE, of Lakshya. As a part of the societal mission from warfare-to-welfare, with his professional experience he has made a significant contribution for national importance project Development of Light Weight Callipers with Composite Material (FRO) for Polio Effected Persons. He has also guided in development of light weight Titanium Alloy Hip- Prosthesis Orthopaedic Implant.
He has been conferred with Agni Award for Excellence in Self-reliance-2002; and National Design Award in Mechanical Engineering -2001.

NPOL, Kochi

Shri R Kanakarajan holds BE (ECE) from Madras University. He joined DRDO at the Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), Kochi, in 1974. He obtained his MTech from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1980. He had been working on the design and development of subsystems for ship sonar. Since 1987, he has contributed towards the design and development of sonar system–Panchendriya for submarines. Currently, he is the Project Director of an integrated sonar system which is undergoing fitment on-board of an advanced submarine platform. He is also heading a group working on front-end signal processing, telemetry and networking.

He is a fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers. He is the recipient of Technology Day Award-2003.
RCI, Hyderabad

Shri RS Hastak, Director (GS), Research Centre Imarat (RCI), Hyderabad, completed his MTech in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Mumbai in 1978 and joined DRDL, Hyderabad as Sci B. During his carrier at DRDL/RCI, Hyderabad, he contributed in wide ranging fields such as design and development of UDMH pilot plant at DRDL–the fuel used in the liquid rocket engines. He worked in the areas of static tests of liquid propellant power plants at horizontal and vertical test facilities at DRDL, design and development of propellant transfer vehicles (oxidiser and fuel) for Prithvi, stage testing of Prithvi on vertical test facility, design and development of "Quick Reaction" thermal batteries.

He contributed significantly for establishment of Carbon-Carbon technology for development and productionisation of aerospace products such as re-entry nose tip and re-entry control surfaces. As a spin-off of this technology, he contributed for the development and productionisation of brake pads for civilian and military aircrafts under TIFAC Project.Before taking over as Director GS at PGAD, he spearheaded Prithvi Project Core Team for development and productionisation of warheads for PI & P II versions. As Director, Ground Systems he is heading a team of scientists, officers, technicians for productionisation of P II Ground Systems and upgradation of PI Ground Systems. In addition to his present assignments, he is engaged in development of launchers and launch complex for AD weapon systems and productionisation of warheads through BDL and Ordnance Factories.


Shri S Neelakantan, Regional Director (Helicopters), is a Post Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering from IIT, Chennai. He has been with the DRDO for the last 27 years. After serving at CVRDE, Avadi and GTRE, Bangalore, he joined RCMA (A/C) in 1978 and looked after the requirements for seat, safety and weapon installation. He has considerable experience in certification of ejection seat, fixed seat, weapon installation and parachutes. He worked as Group Director (Tech Coord & Safety) at CEMILAC in 1998 and was DEALing with all accident investigations of Military Aircraft and Helicopters.
The release of Service Document of Advanced Light Helicopter for all four Services was issued by him in March 2001. This signifies the initial operational clearance for ALH. He and his team members of RCMA (H/C) were awARDEd AGNI Award for Excellence in Self-reliance-2001. He is presently heading this organization in addition to his responsibilities as Group Director (Systems) at CEMILAC.He has ten papers to his credit. He is a life member of the Aeronautical Society of India.


Shri GSK Rao, Sci G, of Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (LRDE), Bangalore, has been conferred with IETE-IRSI (83) Award-2004 for significant contributions towards design engineering and innovative fabrication process for complex slotted waveguide and phased array antenna and structural, thermal design and realisation of radar systems.

Higher Qualifications Acquired

Shri Arun Kumar Ray, Sci C, Interim Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, has been awARDEd PhD on the topic entitled, Some Studies on Optically Controlled Phased Microstrip Antenna Array from Sambalpur University, Orissa.

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