The Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, organised a Shri sampath releasing proceedings of the seminarseminar-
cum-brainstorming session on Integrated Survivability Characteristics of Future Main Battle Tank (FMBT) during 8-9 August 2001. The integrated survivability is one of the vital operational characteristics of the FMBT. Thirty-five scientists from various DRDO labs/estts; Directors from DRDE, Gwalior; DL, Jodhpur; and Directorate of Combat Vehicles and Engineering attended the seminar.

Shri K Sampath, IOFS, Addl DGOF (Retd) inaugurated the seminar. He also released the seminar proceedings and emphasized the need for induction of young scientists to specialise in the areas related to the weapon system to meet the threat concepts and challenges of future developments. The deliberations of the first day of the seminar included two sessions: (i) Detection Avoidance Techniques and (ii) Hit Avoidance Techniques. The deliberations of the second day of the seminar were also carried out in two sessions: (i) Direct Protection System and (ii) Secondary Protection System.

On the concluding day of the seminar, Shri M Natarajan, Distinguished Scientist and, CC R&D (ACE), DRDO HQrs, New Delhi, released the core document on integrated survivability of FMBT and spoke on the futuristic requirements of FMBT. He also reiterated about its development to be linked to the growth of science and technology and ensured that it should serve the requirements of society at large. A plenary session was also conducted at the end of the seminar .