Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

The Defence Materials and Stores Research & Development   Establishment (DMSRDE),Cyclic Corrosion Test ChamberKanpur,
has acquired a Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber. Cyclic corrosion tests are required to degrade materials more realistically than conventional salt spray tests by performing accelerated laboratory tests under simulated natural cyclic conditions. With the help of this versatile equipment, test specimen can be exposed to multi-step repetitive cycles incorporating humidity or condensation, alongwith salt spray and subsequent dry off. Cycles of all the above parameters can be preset with the help of programmable controls. Thus accelerated tests pertaining to IS, JIS, ASTM, BS and DIN standards can be performed with the help of this instrument.

Thermal Shock Chamber                                                       

DMSRDE has also acquired a Thermal Shock Chamber. This equipment is essentially an Thermal Shock Chamberenvironmental
test chamber for thermal shock test consisting of two chambers, with automatic transfer arrangement from hot compartment to cold and vice versa. The temperature of hot chamber can be maintained between 50 C to 125 C with accuracy of 1C and that of cold chamber from- 40 C to + 50 C with same accuracy. Transfer time can be adjusted between 1 to 20 minutes with a recovery time of 5 minutes. Any desired cycle of temperature can be obtained under repetitive cyclic programme with the help of preset programmer. Standard accelerated test pertaining to IS, JIS, MIL and DEF standards can be performed with this chamber .