The National Science Day was celebrated all over the country on 28 February 2003 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect by the great Indian Scientist Sir CV Raman in 1928. All DRDO labs/ estts organised various programmes related to science in their respective labs/estts. As apart of the programme, one scientist from each lab/ estt delivered a talk in the thrust area and was presented a medal and a certificate by the Director of the respective lab / estt on behalf of SA to RM . 

DRDO HQrs and Delhi-based DRDO labs / estts also celebrated the National Science Day in function organised by the Defence Science Forum at the Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, under the Chairmanship of Dr VK Aatre. Prof NK Ganguly, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research was the invited speaker and spoke on Challenges in  Rheumatic Fever/ Rheumatic Heart Diseases- An Overview.

Dr Aatre launching the web page of Defence Science Forum

Dr W Selvamurthy, Outstanding Scientist and Adviser, Biomedical Sciences, and Convener of the Forum, delivered the welcome address. Dr Aatre launched the Website of Defence Science Forum for making all lectures available on-line to all DRDO labs/estts in the country through DRONA and Internet. As a part of the celebrations, a Science Quiz for Delhi based DRDO labs/estts was also organised.  Shri Manoj Pant, DESIDOC; Shri Vidya Sagar, LASTEC; and Shri Manoj Tyagi, ISSA, were declared the Ist, 2nd the 3rd winner, respectively and were given prizes and certificates by SA to RM Dr Ravi Kashyap, Sci F , INMAS and Secretary, Defence Science Forum delivered the vote of thanks.

Some of the highlights of the National Science Day Celebrations at other DRDO labs/estts are given below:

Shri Rajeev Prakash, Sci C, delivered the Science Day Oration on A New Approach to Fracture Initiation and Fatigue Crack Growth. Prof Ashok Kolaskar , VC, University of Pune, gave a talk on Bioscience and its impact on Future Warfare.

CAIR, Bangalore
Dr S Rakshit, Sci D delivered the oration on Challenges in Visual lnformation-New Frontiers in Non-invasive Cardio-Vascular Imaging. Dr M Ramesh, Consultant and Director, BEST Institute and Research Centre, Bangalore, also delivered a talk on Cyber Surgery .

CVRDE, Avadi
Shri M Kadher Basha, Sci E, delivered a lecture on Hydrogen-Fuel for Automotive Application, and Shri BS Rao, Sci F, delivered on Gun Launched Missile.

DEBEL, Bangalore
Smt SR Sumathi, Sci D, delivered the Oration on Medical Images: Archival and Communication.

DIPAS, Delhi
Prof S Brahmachari , Director, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), Delhi, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion, delivered a Science Day Lecture on Beyond the  Human Genome Sequence: Predictive and Personalised Medicine. Dr (Smt) Shashi B Singh, Sci E, delivered the Science pay Oration on Effect of High Altitude on Sensory Modalities.

A glimpse of activities of celebrations at various DRDO labs/estts
DL, Jodhpur
Dr S K Jaih, Sci E, delivered the Oration Membrane Tecnologies for Drinking Purification. The Director gave away the Patent Award and the Best Paper Award to scientists, As apart , A Scince Quiz Competition for school children was also organised in which dents from 23 repute in participated.  Smt Saroj Syal  distributed awards  to the winners.

DMRL, Hyderabad

Dr M Vijay Kumar, Sci F, presented the Science Day Oration on Perspective of  Ceramic Injection Moulding.

DRDE, Gwalior

As a part of the celebrations Raghunath, PVSM, AVSM,  former DG Armed  Forces Medical Services,  New Delhi, and presently Principal Executive, Sir Dorabji Tata Centre for Tropical Diseases, IISC Campus, Banglore, delivered a talk on 25 years of Invitro Fertilisation.

GTRE, Bangalore

Shri Ajay Prathap. Sci C, delivered the Science Day Oration on Current Methodologies in Design of Gas Turbine Compressors.


National Science Day Oration was delivered by Shri Himanshu Shekhar, Sci D, on Structural Integrity Analysis of Case Bonded Composite Propellant Grains. Prof SF Patil, VC, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune, was the Chief Guest.

INMAS, Delhi

 Brig RP Tripathi, VSM, delivered the Oration on New Frontiers in Non-invasive Cardio-vascular Imaging at INMAS.


Shri KC Bahuguna, Scientist, delivered the Science Day Oration on Laser and its Applications. Prof DB Pathak, IIT, Bombay delivered a talk on Indian IT Researchers in 21st Century. As apart of the celebrations an Inter-school Science Quiz was also organised.

ITR, Chandipur

Smt Shrabani Bhattacharya, Sci C, presented a Research Paper on Performance Evaluation of Kalman Filter based Target Trackers using Radar Measurement Data and received the medal and Certificate.

NMRL, Amhernath

Theme lectures were delivered by scientists of NMRL. Oration competition on science subject, and a quiz competition was arranged to mark the occasion. Students from various local schools participated in the event.

NPOL, Kochi

Dr A Unnikrishnan, Sci F, delivered the Oration on Quantum Computing. Dr PN Vinayachandran, Asst Prof, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, delivered an invited talk on Indian Ocean Dipole.

NSTL. Visakhaoatnam

Dr NS Prasad, Sci B, delivered the Science Day lecture on Recent Trends in Sonar Transducer Technology . Quiz competitions were conducted for the NSTL school children, an exhibition was organised, and NSTL was thrown open to the general public and facili- ties available at NSTL like High Speed Towing Tank (HS1T), Cavitation Tunnel (CT), and Wind Tunnel (WT) were exhibited. Lectures on Science and the Society by Dr A Prasanna Kumar, Retired Professor, Andhra University; and Wave Nature of Light-A Historical Blunder by Shri B Prasada Rao, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Visakhapat delivered.

PXE, Balasore

Dr PK Roy, AVM (Retd), SciG, ARDE, Pune ; Shri NN Shah, AVM (Retd); and Dr AK Sannigrahi, Sci D, PXE were the speakers on the occasion. Dr Sannigrahi was awARDEd the Silicon Trophy for his paper entitled, Eco Friendly Technique for Combating Solid Waste.

RCI, Hyderabad

Prof R Natarajan, Chairman, AICTE, and Shri B Bhattacharjee, Director, BARC, Spoke about Science and Ethics and Role of Nuclear Energy for Peaceful Purposes, respectively.  Dr SB Gadgil, Sci F, RCI, delivered a lecture on Role of Thermal Imaging in Anti-Tank Missiles .

VRDE, Ahmednagar

A lecture on Global Crusade against Automobile Emission Technology Options and Challenges Ahead by Shri N Karuppaiah, Sci E, was arranged on the occasion. Shri MR Joshi, Former Director, R&DE(Engrs), Pune, was the Chief Guest. About 125 students from various schools participated in the elocution competition. The school children also exhibited 25 science models.

The fourth Golden Beach Festival was organised at the Chandipur Sea Beach during 7 -9 February 2003. Governor of Orissa inaugurated the festival which was visited by many top ranking personalities of Orissa. For the first time, PXE participated in this festival by way of putting up a stall with guns, (dummy) ammunition, and range instruments for the public. Thousands of visitors visited PXE stall and were introduced to DRDO in general and PXE in particular .