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The National Science Day activities of some of the DRDO labs/estts were covered in Apri1 2002 issue of DRDO News Letter. The activitles of few other labs/estts are being covered ill this issue:

ARDE, Pune

Prof (Smt) SA Gangal, Head, Department of Electronics Science, University of Pune, Pune, delivered an invited lecture on Sensors and their Application in Defence with special emphasis on the role of the emerging MEMS technology in sensors for multifarious defence applications. Shri MV Ramesh Kumar, Sci D, delivered the Science Day Oration on A Voyage Through Mathematics: On "e".

CEES, Delhi

Shri Rajiv Narang, Sci E, delivered a talk on Techniques for Disposal of Unserviceable Ammunition. He spoke on the conventional disposal techniques like open burning and demolition by detonation.

DIPAS, Delhi

Prof Sujoy K Guha, Center for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (lIT), Delhi, who was the Chief Guest on the occasion, delivered a talk on Biomedical Technology Impact at the Mass Level: Rural and Urban. Dr RC Sawhney, Sci F, delivered the Science Day Oration on Role of Hormones in Adaptation to High Altitude Stress.

DRDE, Gwalior

Dr Satya Prakash, Vice Chancellor, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, delivered a talk on Physics of Nano-particles. Shri DT Selvam, Sci C, delivered the Science Day Oration on Recent Advances in Malaria Research.

GTRE, Bangalore

Shri C Badrinath, Sci E, delivered the Science Day Oration on Flow Analysis in Gas Turbine Combustors.


Dr MR Somayajulu, Sci E, delivered the Science Day Oration on Studies on Smoke for Defeating Electro-optic Equipments. As a part of celebration a competition was conducted where nine presentations were made by scientists covering various aspects of science and four meritorious presentations were selected for awards.


Shri N Chandrasekaran, Sci D, delivered the Science Day Oration on Laser Applications. Dr AD Patwardhan, Retd Professor, VJTI, Mumbai, who was the invited speaker, delivered a lecture on Environment and Control of Water Pollution.

ITR, Chandipur

Shri Gokul Ranjan Panda, Sci E, presented a Research Paper on Digital Design of Baseband Processor for a Portable Satellite Receiver.

LRDE, Bangalore

Shri GSN Raju, Sci F, delivered the National Science Day Oration on Development of High Power Microwave Transmitters.

PXE, Balasore

Shri JS Gharia, Sci G (Retd), HEMRL, Pune, delivered a lecture on Improvised Explosive Devices used by Terrorists. Shri HS Panda, Sci C, PXE delivered the Science Day Lecture on Ozone Layer Depletion: Consequences and Remedies.

VRDE, Ahmednagar

A lecture on Missiles and their Ground Systems was delivered by Shri PS Deshpande, Sci F. A science quiz was organised for the students. Shri RC Sethi, Sci G, Officiating Director, VRDE distributed prizes to the students.