New Devlopment

Bheema -1000 Aircraft Weapon Loading  Trolley

Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS), Bangalore, has indigenously designed and developed the Bheema-1000 Aircraft Weapon Loading Trolley which is capable of loading armament weighing up to 1000 kg to a height of 2500 mm. The trolley has been manufactured by M/S BEML, Mysore. This trolley can load all types of missiles, rocket launchers, rocket pods, bombs and drop tanks. The unique turn-table of the trolley enables loading of all types of armaments at any angle on all the three axis.

Extensive field trials of the trolley were carried-out on MiG variants, Jaguar, Sea Harrier and SU-30 aircraft and the trolley was found suitable and extremely useful. It has been established during the user trials that with the help of this trolley the turn-around time of aircraft can be reduced by 50-70 percent. Presently, these trolleys are being used at the MiG-23 and Jaguar Squadrons of IAF, ADA and are being inducted at SU-30 Squadrons of IAF; ARDE, Pune; and HAL divisions. The development cost for a loading trolley works out to be about Rs 13.5 Lakhs.