Director SAG. Delhi

Dr PK Saxena has been appointed Director, Scientific Analysis Group (SAG), Delhi, w.e.f. 30 May 2003. He obtained his MSc (Mathematics) from Kanpur University and PhD (Algebra) from Indian Institute of Technology , Kanpur. He worked as a Lecturer in Mathematics for a short period at Regional Engineering College, Silchar and National Defence Academy, Pune. He joined SAG in 1981 and was promoted to Sci G in 2002. His areas of interest include Algebra, Cryptology , Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Networks and Speech Technology. He has been project leader for basic research and some important R&D projects.

He received Commendation Certificate for his significant contributions in the area of Fuzzy Logic. The book on Cryptography written by him in Hindi was awARDEd First Prize of DRDO in 1997. He has 40 research papers to his credit.


Several DRDO scientists have been promoted from Sci F to Sci G w.e.f from 1 July 2003. The biodata of some of the promotees highlighting their contributions in DRDO are being covered in this issue. Profiles of the other promotees will be covered in the subsequent issues.

INMAS, Delhi

Dr HC Gael, obtained his MSc from Agra University in 1964 and PhD in Cancer Biology from CCS University, Meerut in 1984. He joined Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), Delhi, in 1968. Dr Goel attended a course at Seoul, South Korea in 1983; and received advanced training on microscopy texture imaging at Joyce Loebl, UK jn 1986. He was awARDEd Senior DAAD fellowship in Munster, Germany in 1990.

Dr Goel has worked on the experimental models for prevention and management of cancer by plant products and has pioneered the application of products from herbs for protection against nuclear and non-ionizing raDIATions.

Extension of this work for human applications is being processed. He is the recipient of National Science Day Award 2000 by SA to RM, and DRDO Laboratory Technology Group Award 2001. He has published more than 70 research papers, and authored two books.


Dr Anil Kumar obtained his PhD at the age of 23 years form Delhi University in Microwaves. He later took up postdoctoral work in UK on Liverhulme Commonwealth visiting fellowship. He joined DRDO as Sci C at DEAL, Dehradun, in 1980 and moved to LASTEC erstwhile Defence Science Centre, Delhi, in 1982.

Dr Anil Kumar worked on Fiber Optic Gyro and demonstrated feasibility in 1988 and was also responsible for developing Laser Intruder Alarm System (LIAS) for Border Security Force in 1990. At present he is working on Solid State Lasers and Optical Gyroscopes. He designed and worked on the development of Ring Laser Gyroscope for Missiles and Tejas.

During 2001-2002 he worked as Director (S&T) at the Ministry of External Affairs, representing DRDO.

In 1993, he was a team member of the visit to US to test and procure RLG based INS for LCA (Tejas). He visited Israel as a member of RLG/Navigation task group of Indo-Israel team in 1996. He was also the member of National Task Team on G IP and RLG 2000. He is a Life Fellow of IETE since 1987 and mem- ber of professional bodies such as OSI, ILA, IEEE (USA).

Shri AK Maini, obtained his BSc (Engg) in Electronics and Electrical Communication from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in 1977. After serving a brief tenure as Lecturer at the Directorate of Technical Education, Chandigarh, he joined DRDO in 1978. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in different aspects of electronics design and practice with particular relevance to laser sources and battlefield laser systems built around them.

Presently, he is heading Laser Electronics and EOCM Division at LASTEC.

He has more than 150 technical articles and papers to his credit. He has authored more than 10 books. He is Fellow IETE; Member, Indian Laser Association (ILA) ; and Elite panel of experts of EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd., -the Publishers of Electronics For You, Information Technology and e-Power.



Institute of Technology Management (ITM), Mussoorie organised a Trekking Programme to Devbhoomi (in the Garhwal hills of Himalayas) under the Chairmanship of Shri Narender Singh, Director, ITM and Chairman, DRDO Adventure Club during 12-16 May 2003. Thirty participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended this trek which commenced on 12 May 2003 and was flagged-off by Shri Prahlada, Director , DRDL, Hydrabad. The programme was executed at the different locations of Devbhoomi viz, Auli to Goarsun Top and Manato VasudharaFall, etc.

The participants highly appreciated the untiring efforts made by ITM team comprising of Lt Col GB Thapliyal; Shri OK Munakhia, Secretary, DRDO Adventure Club; Shri Hayat Singh Rawat, Trek Guide and ITM support staff for successful completion of the programme.