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SA Greets DRDO Family

It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to take over as Head of the DRDO from Dr Vasudev K Aatre. I wish to place on record our grateful appreciation and sincere thanks to Dr Aatre for his long, dedicated and distinguished service to the country through DRDO. I, on behalf of DRDO family, wish him and his family every happiness, good health, and many more years of valued contribution in their future pursuits.

The year 2004 has had its share of success, proud moments, concerns and problems. In any R&D organisation, where one is involved with development of state-of-the-art technologies, such a mixed bag of successes would always be the case and it should be our endeavour to improve the success rate.

On the threshold of the Year 2005, I would like to review some of our achievements. I am sure this will motivate us to better our performance next year.

Tejas (TD1, TD2 and PV1) is continuing its excellent run. The growing confidence of the users in Agni, Prithvi is now being enhanced by the performance of BrahMos and the recent successful Akash trials. The avionics upgrades and airborne EW Suite for IAF have been accepted and inducted into the Services. The Indian Navy has accepted the 3D Central Acquisition Radar for its Corvette programme. Other radars ranging from detection of crawling men, search and tracking, acquisition of targets and missile guidance on multiple targets have also been under active consideration by the Indian Armed Forces for their induction into the Services.

Samyukta is another success story of DRDO. Its control center entities were presented to the Indian Army through the COAS by the President of India in January this year. Sangraha, the multi-platform based Naval EW programme has been a total success and orders from the Navy have been received. DRDO's Combat Engineering products have also come through good with the major orders for Sarvatra and other assault bridges from the Indian Army. The Raksha Mantri handed over the first batch of five tanks of Arjun to COAS in August 2004 for regimental evaluation before operationalisation.

DRDO Naval Systems spearheaded by SONARs, jointly developed by BEL and NPOL has been accepted by Russia as top class sonar. Our laboratories belonging to Materials and Life Sciences group continue toffectively support our major weapon systems programmes and the varied requirements of the Armed Forces. My special thanks to the Civil Works of DRDO, we may soon be having our own magnificently built DRDO House as corporate headquarters.

In all, the mood of the organisation is buoyant. The laboratories are hard working and are inspired. There is tremendous enthusiasm to take on challenging tasks unmindful of hardships. I thank you all for your endeavours and concerted efforts to achieve the successes for DRDO.

I convey my greetings and best wishes to you and the members of DRDO families for a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2005.


                                                                                                                  ( M Natarajan)
                                                                                                    Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri