Automated Test System for Testing Gun Control System Assemblies

The Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE), Avadi, has designed and Automated Test Systemdeveloped an Automated Test System for testing Gun Control System Electrical/Electronic Assemblies (ATSEA). The system consists of an industrial PC, interface box, signal conditioner and a programmable power supply, all enclosed in a 19 in rack and a 5 ft console. It is a general purpose test system which can be employed during productionisation of MBT ARJUN, MBT T- 72, and MBT T -90. It also has a variety of other applications.

Crew Training AidThe Unit Under Test (UUT) is connected to the ATSEA through an interface and a programmable power supply. The signal conditioner unit enables analog, digital and logic signals to be acquired and processed. It also houses customised signal generation cards for testing certain special systems of the tank. The system has been mainly developed for maintaining the production schedules by quickly testing electrical/electronic  units on the work bench before fitting these to the tank. During field trials, EME personnel also utilise the system for quick and easy trouble shooting of the faulty units. The UUT can be evaluated for:

Continuity test between pins
Functionality tests
Performance evaluation for reference values.

The Main Features of the System are:

ATSEA is software controlled and has self-check facility
It is user-friendly and guides the operator during the testing
Hard copies can be made instantaneously
It is a ruggedised system with excellent man-machine-interface and is iDEALly suitable for all industrial applications
Record of diagnostic history is available for post analysis
It saves lot of time, energy and cost involved in testing and a large number of units can be tested in a short time.