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LASTEC Conducts Field Trials of Experimental Laser System

The Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC), Delhi, successfully conducted Experimental Laser Systemoutdoor  trials of experimental laser system for electro-optic countermeasure role, on 3 February  2000. Dr VK Aatre SA to RM, witnessed the trials conducted for the first time in the country.  The system has a high energy laser source and sophisticated beam delivery mechanism.  It is equipped with a CCD camera-based preliminary pointing system for initial acquisition of the target and a high repetition rate auxiliary laser-based automatic precise pointing  system for focusing the high energy beam onto the target. The auxiliary laser not only ranges   the target but also images the glint reflection from optical targets for determining the  location of its centre of mass. Thereafter, high energy laser beam is delivered onto the  target for permanent damage of front-end optics of electro-optic device of stationary/slow  moving targets. An indigenously developed threshold laser detector was also used for the trials.