N  E  W  S   L  E  T  T  E  R


Continuing Education Programme

DMSRDE, Kanpur

The Defence Materials and Stores Research & Development Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur, organised a CEP course on Advanced Porous Carbonaceous Materials and their Applications, during 10-14 January 2000. Prof GN Mathur, Director, DMSRDE, inaugurated the course and presented a brief on the R&D activities on carbonaceous materials being carried out at DMSRDE. D OP Bahl, Head, Carbon Materials Division, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, in his keynote address presented an account on growth and applications of various forms of carbon. Twenty-two scientists from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course. The topics covered during the course were: production of activated carbon, assessment of porosity of carbons, adsorption theories carbon molecular sieves, surface complexes of carbon, catalytically grown carbon nanofibres activated carbon fabric, pitch-based activated carbon fabric and beads, mesocarbon microbead from pitch and their applications, development of carbon-coated fabric, preparation characterisation, properties of CNT, application of activated carbon in Defence, and application c electron microscopy in imaging with special reference to carbonaceous materials. The faculty was drawn from NPL, New Delhi; IIT Mumbai; DRDL, Hyderabad; IIP, Dehradun; Industrial Carbon Ankleshwer; and DMSRDE, Kanpur. The course included two sessions of practical demonstration on characterisation techniques.

GTRE, Bangalore

The Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE), Bangalore, organised a course on Internal Computational Fluid Dynamics for scientists, during 10-21 January 2000. Twenty-four participants from various DRDO labs/estts attended the course. The topics covered during the course were: levels of approximation and in the corresponding governing equations, FDM, FVM and FEM, different boundary conditions and their implementation, classification of pde, conservative/non-conservative schemes, Euler's equations, eigenvectors, NS-equations, Jameson's method, kinetic schemes, Bolt~man equations, turbulence modelling, grid generation, introduction to C++ and its use in scientific computing, and some interesting applications of CFD. Prof SM Deshpande, Convenor, AR&DB Centre for Excellence for Aerospace CFD, IISc, Bangalore, who was the Chief Guest at the valedictory function, distributed course certificates to the participants.

Other Course

DIPR, Delhi

The Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR), Delhi, organised a course on Interpersonal Relations and Personal Effectiveness for Service and civilian officers at the Army HQrs, New Delhi, during 21-25 February 2000. The objective of the course was to sensitize the participants and to provide human relation skills for better relationship with their colleagues in the workplace and outside environment in their general life. The topics covered during the course were: self-awareness, communication, stress management, perception, motivation, trust building, personal style, managing conflicts, team working, and handling emotions and leadership.