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the area of advanced functional non-metallic       FC stacks in integrated mode of operation with
materials which includes polymers, polymer         H2 generator and Liquid Oxygen (LOX) System
matrix composites, elastomers, carbonaceous        was conducted. Fourteen days endurance mode
nano structured materials, stealth materials,      trial completed during Nov-Dec 2017. Primary
polymer precursors, ceramic matrix composites      parameters as per the trial directives were achieved.
(CMCs), camouflage textile, speciality clothing
and shelter for services, fuels and lubricants.                Open Architecture Land Based Prototype for AIP
Some of the notable products of DMSRDE are
Bullet Proof Jacket, Blast Protection Suit, NBC    System Definition and Engineering of
Suit, Glacier Clothing, Ballistic Helmet, Boot     DRDO AIP System on P-75 Submarines and
Anti-Mine, and other personal protection systems.  Development of Deliverable LOX System

Core Competence/Thrust Areas                            The primary objective of the project is to
                                                   develop the optimized design of Phosphoric Acid
• Polymers, Composite Materials, Elastomers,       Fuel Cell (PAFC) system, hydrogen generators,
                                                   power conditioners, control systems, heat
   Specialty Paints & Coatings, Fibres & Fabrics,  exchangers, DM water system and auxiliaries
   Coatings, Nanostructured Materials              of AIP system and qualify the same for P-75
                                                   platforms. The project also aims to develop the
• Smart composites for health monitoring,          submarine based LOX module along with the
                                                   safety controller. The project is progressing in
   camouflaging etc                                 collaboration with M/s DCNS France. During
                                                   the year, definition phase study was concluded
• Ballistic personnel protection system            after completion of STDF document evaluation
• Composite materials for aerospace industry       through independent high power committee.
• Advanced polymers for high temperature           Indigenised carbon paper production completed.

   and aerospace applications                                                Liquid Oxygen (LOX) System

• Advanced materials for alternative energy

   and electronic applications

• Advanced stealth and thermal barrier coatings

   for defence applications

Significant Achievements during 2017


Land-Based Prototype (LBP) for Air
Independent Propulsion (AIP)

     DRDO is involved in the development of
indigenous technologies for the development of
a LBP for AIP system for Indian submarines in
collaboration with M/s L&T, Mumbai as Lead
System Integrator (LSI) and other industry
partners viz. M/s Thermax, Pune and Centre for
Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC),
Thiruvananthapuram. It aims to package the
AIP plant sub-systems, reactant tanks and waste
tanks inside the simulated hull section of the
P-75 submarine. During the year, Safety Review
Committee recommended and cleared the prototype
for trials on 22nd Sept 2017. Power build-up up
to130 kW with 20 stacks completed on 25th Sep
2017. Long hour endurance mode operation of 20

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