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aerial targets. During the year, the eengine was
tested for a maximum duration of 114 s at 10
km altitude simulated condition, 57 sec at 5
km condition and 37 s at sea level condition.
Combustion efficiencies of >93% in all conditions
was achieved. Mechanical fuel flow controller
was integrated with injector. Calibration tests
were carried with Aviation Kerosene. Flow
variation during ramjet test done. Test facility
upgradation for long duration ramjet test up
to 200 seconds for Dia 350 calibre engines is
in final installation stage.

                                                      PDV  AAD

                                                      Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile

                           Liquid Fuel Ramjet Engine       MRSAM weapon system is a state-of-the-
                                                      art Air Defence system capable of intercepting
Hypersonic Wind Tunnel                                aerial targets like fighter aircrafts, helicopters
                                                      and cruise missiles up to ranges of 70 km.
     DRDL has taken a project for setting up          The system is jointly developed by DRDO and
a hypersonic wind tunnel to meet the R&D              IAI, Israel. During the year, integrated CMS
requirements for design of futuristic hypersonic      system-level validation tests were conducted at
missiles and re-entry vehicles which requires         VRDE. Maintenance training was also imparted
generation of extensive aerodynamic data.             to IAF crew.
During the year, Vacuum System has been
erected, integrated, and few successful trial         Medium Range Surface to Air Missile
runs completed.

Ballistic Missile Defence (Programme AD)

     DRDO has taken up development of two-layered
Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) programme for
defending the vital assets from ballistic missile
attacks. The successful demonstration of the BMD
system was conducted through interception trials in
2017. Interception at high altitude was demonstrated
through an exo-atmospheric interceptor, Prithvi
Air Defence (PDV) missile on 11th Feb 2017. This
was followed by endo-atmospheric interception
using Advance Air Defence (AAD) missile on 1st
Mar 2017& 28th Dec 2017. With this, India crossed
an important milestone in building its overall
capability towards enhanced security against
incoming ballistic missile threats.

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