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Agni-4 Launch   Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile (LRSAM)
                                                         LRSAM is a joint development programme
Supersonic Cruise Missile ‘BrahMos’
     BrahMos, world’s most formidable supersonic    of DRDO and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI),
                                                    Israel for Indian Navy. It has a range of 70 km
cruise missile is a two-stage precision strike      using dual-pulse rocket motor and active Radar
weapon. Operating on fire and forget principle,     seeker in terminal phase and inertial/mid-course
it can be launched from multiple platforms          update for guidance. The weapon system would
against land and sea targets. Flying at top         provide both a point defence and area defence
speed of 2.8 Mach carrying a warhead upto 300       for three P15 A ships of Indian Navy against
kg, the 3 ton BrahMos is capable of destroying      vast variety of aerial threats including fighter
high value enemy targets within the shortest        aircraft, subsonic and supersonic missiles, etc.
possible time. The tactical cruise missile triad    During the year, integration, HAT and SAT of
was completed with the successful test launch       LRSAM weapon system onboard INS Kochi
of air version BrahMos from front line Su-30        was completed. Two operational flight tests
MKI aircraft against sea target on 22nd Nov         were also conducted which proved the weapon
2017, making IAF the only Air Force in the          system performance by intercepting aerial targets
world to have such unique capability. The           including sea skimming anti-ship missile. I-level
continuous capability enhancement process           missile maintenance facility was established and
including demonstration of extended range of        commissioned. First batch of LRSAM missiles
400 km on 11th March 2017, makes BrahMos            were handed over to Indian Navy by DRDO
the most versatile and effective weapon system.     in 2017.
The universal BrahMos has thus validated its
capability for launch from land, sea, sub-sea,                        Flight Trials of LRSAM from INS Kochi
and air emerging as an ultimate force-multiplier
in modern network-centric warfare operations.       Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile
                                                    (BVRAAM) ‘Astra’
                              Air Launched BrahMos
                                                         BVRAAM ‘Astra’ (60 km) possessing high
                                                    single shot kill probability making it highly
                                                    reliable is being developed by DRDO to engage
                                                    and destroy highly manoeuvring aerial targets.
                                                    The missile incorporates many unique features
                                                    like active radar terminal guidance, excellent
                                                    Electronic Counter-Counter Measure (ECCM)
                                                    features, smokeless propulsion and process
                                                    improved effectiveness. During the year, Captive
                                                    Flight Trials- IV (Phase II) was conducted in
                                                    Mar 2017. Successful maiden air-launch testing
                                                    of indigenous seeker against Banshee PTA was

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