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Core Competence/Thrust Areas                            simulation (HILS), ground systems engineering
                                                        and integration of missile systems, radome
• World class test range for test and evaluation        calibration, RF tower and RCS measurements;
                                                        open range RCS and antenna measurement
   of rockets, missiles and weapon systems              (ORANGE) facility

• Wideband and high gain telemetry for acquisition   Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory
   and proces sing for long range missiles
                                                          TBRL Chandigarh, has its headquarters
• Multi-sensor data fusion for optimum tracking      at Chandigarh and technical area known as
                                                     TBRL ranges at Ramgarh (Panchkula), Haryana.
   information for decision making                   TBRL is involved in the development of
                                                     technologies related to warhead systems and
• Real-time decision making system for range         provide state-of–the-art diagnostic facilities for
                                                     assessment of terminal effects of armaments
   safety application                                systems. The lab facilitates basic and applied
                                                     research in the fields of high explosives,
Research Centre Imarat (RCI)                         detonics, and shock waves, evolving data and
                                                     design parameters for new armament stores
     RCI Hyderabad, is an ‘Avionics Hub’ for         and assesses terminal effects of ammunition
all missiles and other airborne systems and          under indigenous development or of foreign
is responsible for design, development and           origin.
production of missile avionics, telemetry, tele-
command and transponder systems required             Core Competence/Thrust Areas
to evaluate any missiles performance during
its initial development phase. All avionics          • Performance evaluation of warheads, bombs,
systems for IGMDP programme i.e., Prithvi,
Akash and Nag are in production after ToT.              shells, airborne systems under captive flight
Similarly avionics systems for Agni (A1,                conditions, personal and structural protective
A2, A3 and A4) and BrahMos are also in                  systems
production. RCI has established a centre of
excellence in the field of semiconductor based       • Applied research in explosives, detonics, blast,
millimeter wave devices (CMSDS) at Kolkata
and established the open range facility for             impact & penetration and other aspects of
full scale RCS and antenna measurements                 terminal ballistics
(ORANGE) at Dundigal.
                                                     • To maintain the test and evaluation capabilities
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                        at contemporary international level
• Design and development of: medium range
                                                     • Development of technologies and products
   surface-to-air missiles, air defence systems,
   air-to-surface missiles, air launched smart          for different kinds of warhead system
   bombs, air launched anti-ship missiles
                                                     Significant Achievements during 2017
• Design, development and productionisation of:
                                                     User Trials of Inducted Missiles
   imaging infra red (IIR) seekers, RF seekers,
   inertial navigation and satellite systems, fiber       The following trials were carried out by
   optic gyro (FOG), ring laser gyro (RLG) sensors   Users during the year:
   and accelerometers, on-board computers,
   real-time mission software, electro-hydraulic/    • Agni-2 missile – 4th May 2017
   pneumatic/mechanical actuation systems,           • Agni-3 missile – 27th Apr 2017
   servo and solenoid valves, power supplies,        • Agni-4 missile – 2nd Jan 2017
   on-board telemetry and secured data-links,        • Prithvi-II missile – 2nd Jun 2017
   navigation, control, guidance and mission

• Comprehensive environmental and EMI/ EMC

   test facility, comprehensive hardware-in-loop

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