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and testing at their premises. Secure IP phone      Analysis of VoIP Signals over Satellite
developed by CAIR was unveiled by the Hon’ble       (SAMVAAD)
RM on 24th Mar 2017. CAIR and Nuclear Power
Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) Mumbai              During the year, development of software for
signed the ToT for ECT Robot Manipulator            VoIP traffic analysis was carried out. Keyword
on 28th Sep 2017.                                   based filtering of IP traffic was implemented
                                                    and analysis of pcap files for webmail/e-mail
RUpanPrAtirupan Kendra ‘RUPAK’                      reconstruction were carried out.

     A rapid prototyping facility (RUpanPrAtirupan  AAKALAN: IT Product Security Assurance
Kendra ‘RUPAK’ comprising machines capable          Framework and Evaluation (ISAFE)
of additive as well as subtractive manufacturing
has been established. The facility consists of           Government of India approval for the framework
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) 3 D printer,       of security testing of IT Product was issued in
Polyjet 3 D printer, Selective Laser Sintering      Oct 2017.Standard software security testing lab
(SLS) 3 D printer and computer controlled           and basic product testing lab setups for testing
vertical machining centre. The materials used       and certification of software- based IT product.
are ABS plastic, photopolymer resin, aluminum,      Pilot testing of security products was carried
stainless steel, and titanium.                      out for two systems provided by Users.

Design and Analysis of Public Key                   IT and Network Security
Cryptographic Schemes (SANKHYA)
                                                         The finalised draft of Network Security
     During the year, modules were                  Policy is being reviewed by the Stakeholders.
developed for integer factorisation problem,        The following tools have been deployed as per
discrete logarithm problem over prime               user customisation at various agencies.
fields, and elliptic curve discrete logarithm
problem.                                            • USB-Authorisation Controller Engine (USB-

                                                       ACE) ver 4.0

                                                    • SWIPE - Secure deletion of files and folders
                                                    • Automated File Integrity Testing Tool (AFITT)

                                                       ver 3.0

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