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Personal Decontamination Kit and Apparatus                   To solve existing problem, DIPAS has developed
Mk-II                                                   light weight shoes with shock absorbing insoles
                                                        which reduces deviation (shifting) of centre of
                          Personal Decontamination Kit  pressure in X direction (Medio-lateral) and in Y
                                                        direction (Anterio-posterior) to maintain better
     A Personal Decontamination Kit (PDK) Mk-II         balance and stability during walking. Pressure
containing nanomaterials has been developed as          distribution area is more dispersed in case of
per Joint Services Qualitative Requirements (JSQR).     insole without shock absorbing material than
Nanomaterials based decontamination formulation         the inside with shock absorbing material which
has been evaluated through toxicity studies and         indicates that the insole with shock absorbing
was found to be safe as per the Organisation of         material will provide more stability.
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)             Solar Snow Melter
guidelines. The kit is ready for user trials. PDK
Mk-II for small scale decontamination using liquid           Solar snow melter has been developed to
or solid micro-material has been developed and          reduce the dependency on conventional fuel viz.
is ready for User Trial.                                kerosene which is required to be air lifted adding
Lightweight Shoes with Shock Absorbing                  to the cost and logistic problems. Prototypes have
Insoles                                                 been developed and trials have been conducted at
                                                        South Pullu, Khardungla and Chang la.
     A soldier weighing approximate 64 kg absorbs
39N force by the supp orting leg at every stride.                                        Solar Snow Melter
Military recruits walk about 11 km per day with
9000 impacts (strides) each day and this way            50 men Solar-Heated Oxygen Enriched
soldiers absorb 39x9000= 35100N force and transmit      Shelter
it to the joints of lower extremities, especially
ankle and knee joints. The mass foot wear results            Solar-heated oxygen enriched shelter has
in an increase in expenditure as a factor of 1.9 -      been developed combining the technologies of
4.7 times greater than that of a kilogram of body       both solar shelter and oxygenated shelters. The
mass, depending on walking speed.                       shelter is heated by the solar energy and also
                                                        stores the excess energy in the phase change

Light Weight Shoes                                      Solar heated oxygen enriched shelter

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