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signals. This consolidated, diagnostic quality,      Chemical Agent Detectors (ACADA & CAM)
physiological data like 12-channel ECG in case
of 10 s and 03 channel ECG in case of 1 min,              Chemical Agent Detectors in the form of
BP, HR, body temp and SpO2 can be sent via           Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm
STAR-V to obtain medical expertise. Two radio        (ACADA) and Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM)
sets with their antennae were made ready,            have been developed by DRDE in partnership
along with fully charged batteries for outdoor       with M/s Larsen & Toubro, Bengaluru. These
test. Trials were conducted for establishing the     devices are based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry
feasibility of the transmission of physiological     (IMS) and are capable of detecting chemical
data acquired using PPVPM developed by DEBEL,        agents such as nerve, blister, blood and choking
over the STAR-V Mk-II BEL radio sets. Data           agents. Laboratory trials for ACADA and CAM
transmission has been successfully demonstrated      have been completed and the items are ready
up to 4 km.                                          for User Trials.

Common Helmet and Common Mask for IAF                NBC Suit Mk-V

     DEBEL has designed and developed Common              DRDE has developed advanced version of
Helmet and Common Mask (CHCM) with the               CBRN suit for effective protection of personnel
basic features common to all types of aircraft       in NBC scenario. Activated Carbon Sphere (ACS)
and helicopters being operated by the IAF, with      coated fabric has many advantages, viz., resistance
a view to rationalise and streamline inventory       to wear, tear, and laundering, provide effective
management. Helmets are designed to protect          protection barrier, more air permeability/physical
the aircrew head from impact injuries and its        comfort, and lightweight. CBRN permeable suit
visors protect the aircrew face and eyes from        is based on state-of-the-art technology of ACS
solar glare, bird and windblast during unforeseen    beads sandwitched between the fabric layers
ejection situations. Helmet also enables anchoring   having high adsorption capacity, leading to
the oxygen mask to protect the crew from             much higher protection levels. NBC Suit Mk-V
asphyxia and provides communication through          has been developed as per JSQR with two
microphone and earphones. These helmets and          industry partners. Supply order placed by Army
masks have been extensively flight tested in the     for 50,000 suits is under execution.
Hawk and Euro Series (Kiran) of aircraft and
Helicopter series of Cheetah, Chetak, Cheetal,
Advanced Light Helicopters (ALH) Mk-I & Mk-
III, in various terrains, altitudes and climatic
conditions satisfactorily by the user aircrew.
The CHCM for helicopter series have been
provisionally cleared and action has been initiated
for Limited Series Production.

                              Common Helmet          NBC Suit Mk-V

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