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in 70 MHz to 40 GHz band. DRDO is responsible         received Best Ship Award in 2017.
for the system design, development of critical sub-
system, and realisation of a truncated reference
version of the engineered system for Ground-
Based Mobile ELINT System (GBMES), which
is being pursued towards production at BEL.
Indian Air Force has placed a purchase order
on M/s BEL for supply of GBMES under the
acquisition Category ‘Buy Indian (BEL) with
DRDO Technologies’. Production order for 6
nos. of GBMES systems with M/s BEL is under

                            Project Himraj with LRUs                                  Varuna ESM System

     During the year, internal evaluation by          Border Surveillance System (BOSS)
independent DRDO team has been completed                   DRDO has completed the design and development
meeting all the specifications. Final integration
of COMINT with Control Station (CS) was               of BOSS equipped with advanced image processing
completed during Jun 2017 along with completion       features for hassle-free surveillance and powered
of software design documentation for CS. FATs         with hybrid power source. It eases the man
on 1st production model of GBMES system were          patrolling by automatically detecting the intrusion,
conducted during Sep 2017. First off Production       if any. It has 20 km remote operation capability.
Model (FoPM) of GBMES (Himraj) under ATP              It provides electronic surveillance solution for
was also completed.                                   high altitude border areas exposed to sub-zero
                                                      temperatures. Phase-I of User Readiness Review
Varuna ESM System for Indian Navy                     was completed during Aug 2017. Two systems
     Varuna is a modern ESM system capable            have been installed at Eastern Ladakh border
                                                      areas and are under User exploitation.
of interception, detection, classification and
identification of pulsed, continuous wave (CW),                                 BOSS in deployed conditions
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) agile, frequency-
agile radars including Low Probability of Intercept   EO Tracking System for Directed Energy Laser
(LPI) radars over wide frequency bands. Sea           System
Acceptance Trials (SAT) of 1st and 2nd ‘Varuna’
production systems onboard INS Kirch and INS               Development, testing, and integration of
Kirpan were completed in Apr 2017. Scheduled          all electro-optical sensors and Beam Director
delivery of production systems to Navy is in          Optical Channel (BDOC) on gimbal completed.
progress by the production agency. INS Kirch          Gimbal is installed and commissioned on the
Naval ship with ‘Varuna’ system onboard has           host vehicle. System demonstration for automatic

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