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• Clearance accorded for 65 HP Wankel Rotary                                            Astra

   engine developed by VRDE for evaluation       • Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air missile
   on Panchi UAV.
                                                    (BVRAAM) Astra missile integrated on
• BrahMos missile cleared for integration and       Su-30 MKI aircraft has successfully completed
                                                    all the certification requirements. Successful
   launch from Su-30 MKI aircraft. Air-to-ship      firing of Astra missile against maneuvering
   launch of missile was carried out on 22nd        target with indigenous seeker was achieved.
   Nov 2017 against a sea vessel. Missile hit
   the target satisfactorily and the trajectory  • IOC accorded for LSP of Light Combat
   of the missile was as predicted. Launching
   of 2500 kg supersonic missile from a fighter     Helicopter (LCH) for user exploitation. LCH is
   aircraft was carried out here for the first      a dedicated attack helicopter integrated with
   time in the world.                               rockets, air-to-air missiles, turret gun, Anti-
                                                    Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), and sensors.
                                                 • Clearance accorded for inverted flight trials

                                                    of Hindustan Turbo Trainer (HTT-40) aircraft.
                                                    Flight clearance issued to Prototype 2 for
                                                    flight testing.

                                                 • Clearance accorded for high speed taxi trials

                                                    of SARAS PT-1 N transport aircraft developed
                                                    by National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

                                                 • JAGUAR aircraft has been upgraded with

                                                    state-of-the-art avionic suite (DARIN III) and
                                                    HARPOON anti-ship missile and SFW.

                                                 • FOC upgrade of MIRAGE aircraft with new

                                                    mission computer and weapon system upgrade
                                                    is on the verge of clearance for Services use.

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