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Centre for Military Airworthiness &                      from Limited Series Production (LSP) Tejas
Certification (CEMILAC)                                  aircraft (LSP4) on 11th May 2017 during the trial
                                                         conducted from IAF base, West Bengal, wherein
     CEMILAC Bengaluru, with its 14 Regional             the missile achieved a direct hit. Parameter
Centers of Military Airworthiness (RCMAs),               Identification Trials (PIDs) for aircraft envelope
spread all over India, each with a specific              expansion in Operations Clean Configuration
core competence, are mandated to carry out               were also completed.
airworthiness certification of military aircraft,
aero engines and airborne stores (which include               A total of 16 LCAs have been built including the
weapon systems, aircraft integrated missiles             seven LSP aircraft, two technology demonstrators
and materials) being designed and developed              (TDs), three fighter prototypes, two trainer
by DRDO laboratories, OFs, DPSUs, and many               prototypes and two Naval prototypes (NP).
private industries. The airworthiness assurance          As on Dec 2017, 3716 flight tests have been
functions of CEMILAC cover the whole spectrum            completed on Tejas aircraft (including 406 in
of activities in Indian military aviation such           year 2017), as shown below:
as ab-initio design, continued airworthiness,
production support, and certification of systems         TD1 : 233   TD2 : 305   PV1 : 245   PV2 : 222
developed indigenously as well as abroad.                PV3 : 387   PV5 : 194   PV6 : 118   LSP1 : 74
                                                         LSP2 : 314  LSP3 : 364  LSP4 : 328  LSP5 : 369
Significant Achievements during 2017                     LSP7 : 232  LSP8 : 203   NP1 : 73     NP2: 55

Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) ‘Tejas’

                                                         Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE)
                                                         Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ‘Rustom-II’

                          Light Combat Aircraft ‘Tejas’                                MALE UAV ‘Rustom-II’

     LCA Tejas is India’s first indigenous multi-             Rustom-II, a multi-mission UAV, is being
role fighter aircraft designed and developed             developed with an endurance of 24 hours to
to meet the requirements of the IAF. It is an            carry out the intelligence, surveillance, and
advanced technology, supersonic, lightweight,            reconnaissance (ISR) roles for the Armed Forces.
all-weather, multi-role fighter aircraft designed        It is being designed to operate at 30,000 ft
for multiple combat roles. During 2016, Defence          Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) altitude, and
Acquisition Council (DAC) accorded Acceptance            is capable of carrying Electronic Warfare and
of Necessity (AoN) for 83 LCA Tejas Mk-1A                Electro-Optic and Synthetic Aperture Radar
aircraft at a cost of ~` 50,000Cr, which is the          (EO & SAR) payloads. It can carry a variety
single largest approval for a DRDO-developed             of other payloads weighing upto 350 kg. As on
system. LCA aircraft participated in Republic            date, seven airframes (AFs) have been realised
Day Fly Past for the first time along with IAF
45 Sqn LCA Series Production (SP) aircraft. LCA
also participated in Aero India show held during
14-18 Feb 2017. Derby beyond visual range air-
to-air missile in radar guided mode was fired

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