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P. 139

RCMS  Radiation Contamination Monitoring     SHADE System for High Assurance Data
      System                                                Encryptor

RCS Radar Cross Section                      SLCM Submarine Launched Cruise Missile

RD AQA Regional Directorate of Aeronautical  SLS Selective Laser Sintering
               Quality Assurance
                                             SMT   SATCOM Messaging Terminal
RFP Request for Proposal
                                             SoC System on Chip
RLG   Ring Laser Gyroscope
                                             SOTM SATCOM On The Move Terminal
RM RakshaMantri
                                             SP Series Production
ROE   Rosoboron Export
                                             SPMB Self-Propelled Mine Burier
ROV   Remotely Operated Vehicle
                                             SRE Space-capsule Recovery Experiment
RPV   Remotely Piloted Vehicle
                                             S-ROV Surveillance ROV
RSD   Release to Service Document
                                             STAC  Sub-system Testing Anechoic Chamber
RTRS  Rail Track Rocket Sled
                                             STAR-C Semiconductor Technology & Applied
RV Recce Vehicle                                            Research Centre

RWJ   Radar Warning Jammer                   STFE  Small Turbo Fan Engine

RWR   Radar Warning Receiver                 STIR  System Testing & Integration Rig

S&T Science & Technology                     SWOD Supplementary Work Order Draft

SAAW Smart Anti Air Field Weapon             TD Technology Demonstration

SAC   Semi-Anechoic Chamber                  TDF   Technology Development Fund

SAE Safran Aircraft Engines                  TEL Turbo Energy Private Limited

SAF Small Arms Factory                       TM Technology Management

SAM   System Analysis & Modelling            TNT   Trinitrotoluene

SANT Stand-off Anti-Tank                     ToT Transfer of Technology

SAR   Synthetic Aperture Radar               TUSHAR The USHUS Augmentation for Reliability

SATCOM Satellite Communication               TWT   Traveling Wave Tube

SATs  Sea Acceptance Trials                  UATT User Assisted Technical Trials

SAU   Situation Awareness Unit               UAV   Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

SDR   Software-Defined Radio                 UBGL Under Barrel Grenade Launcher

SDR-AR Software Defined Radio – airborne     USAS  Unmanned Small Airship System

SDR-HH Software Defined Radio – Handheld     USB-ACE USB-Authorization Controller Engine

SDR-MP Software Defined Radio – Manpack      UT User Trials

SDR-NC Software Defined Radio – Naval        VCAS Vice Chief of Air Staff
                                             VSL Vehicle Safe Lane
SDR-TAC Software Defined Radio – Tactical
                                             VYOMA Verify Organise Maintain Analyse
SFCW Step Frequency Continuous Wave
                                             WESEE Weapons Electronics Systems Engineering
SFD Submarine Fired Decoy                                   Establishment

SFDR  Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet               WhAP Wheeled Armour Platform

                                             WLR   Weapon Locating Radar

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