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forward, Phase-II of field demonstrations has        This includes the following three major projects:
been initiated to encompass those DRDO
developed products that have potential for           a) A collaborative project on ‘Development of
LIC applications but have not been showcased                highly versatile secure wide band wireless
to the CAPFs/State Police Forces in Phase-I or              communication platform for Defence and
have subsequently been improved. A list of such             strategic applications in frequency range
DRDO developed products have been finalised                 300 MHz to 12 GHz to IIT Madras, CEWiT
for further discussions with MHA for Phase-II.              and IISc Bengaluru.

DRDO-ACADEMIA INTERACTIONS                           b) MoC in the area of ‘Surface enhanced
                                                            Raman scattering based point detection
Centres of Excellence                                       and stand-off detection of explosives and
                                                            chemical and biological warfare agents
     Three advanced technology centres established          with IIT Delhi.
in 2016, viz., Jagadish Chandra Bose Centre of
Advanced Technology (JCBCAT) at Jadavpur             c) Advanced Centre for Research in High
University, Centre of Propulsion Technology                 Energy Materials (ACRHEM) Phase III at
(CoPT) both at IIT Bombay and IIT Madras and                UoH.
Joint Advanced Technology Centre (JATC) at IIT
Delhi began its operations this year and are fully        Active collaboration with IISc, JNCASR,
functional now. During the current year, 6 projects  DIAT, AMRITA Vishwa Vidyapeetam and NIAS
at a total cost of ` 36.85 Cr were sanctioned to     on strategically important research programmes
JCBCAT for pursuing research in the identified       of interest to DRDO are ongoing.
areas of cyber security, high power directed
energy, robotics and unmanned technologies. 39            DRDO also provides grants to academic
projects were sanctioned to CoPT at a total cost of  institutions and R&D centres to organise conferences
` 109.39 Cr in the focused areas of futuristic       and seminars in niche areas of science and
aero engines, hypersonic propulsion for long         technology of importance to DRDO. So far
duration flight, solid propellant combustion         during the current year, 199 international and
modeling and morphing aircraft and associated        national conferences including IEEE, Indian
technologies. 23 projects at a total cost of `       Science Congress, ISSS 2017, Space and Air 2017,
157.82 Cr were also sanctioned to JATC to            etc. were supported with active participation of
pursue directed research in identified areas         DRDO on high energy materials, cryptography,
of ballistic, special structures and protection;     photonics, physics of semiconductor devices, etc.
electromagnetic devices and terahertz; smart
and intelligent textiles; brain computer interface   Research Boards
and brain machine interface and photonics,
plasmonics and quantum photonics.                         A total of 97 projects were sanctioned costing
                                                     ` 33.63 Cr to various academic institutes through
Extramural Research                                  the four Research Boards (Aeronautics, Naval,
                                                     Armaments and Life Sciences) functioning under
     DRDO, under the Grants-in-Aid scheme, supports  DRDO.
research activities in academic institutions and
R&D centres for the development of technologies      • Aeronautics Research & Development Board:
for its ongoing and future projects. The objective
is to nurture intellectual resources, scientific        The thrust area of the board is to fulfill
expertise and innovation prowess in academic            technology gaps for aircraft and missiles related
institutions and other research centres to utilise      to aerodynamics, propulsion, materials and
them in fulfilling the aspirations of our Defence       manufacturing, structures, systems/systems
Forces. A total of 64 projects costing ` 150.65 Cr      engineering and micro air vehicle. There are
were sanctioned to various academic institutes          currently 114 ongoing projects which have
through the extramural (ER) initiative of DRDO.         been sanctioned at a total cost of ` 52.49 Cr.
                                                        During the year, 45 projects were sanctioned
                                                        at a total cost of ` 15.21 Cr.

                                                     • Armament Research Board: The thrust

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