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is a computerized Naval Wargame to train the        level, in planning and conduct of Offensive &
Naval Command Teams in tactical decision            Defensive Operations over Plains/Desert/Semi-Desert
making process. The scope of ARNAV-UT includes      terrain of 400Km x 400Km. It supports playability
evaluation of ARNAV software at ISSA by Naval       of 110-120 player terminals and playable over
personnel. The system has been deployed at          LAN/WAN using Web Browsers. The System has
Maritime Warfare Centre, Vishakhapatnam – MWC       been developed and Integrated at ISSA based on
(V) and trials are regularly being conducted        the QR of the Indian Army. It is undergoing joint
(as per user defined exercise settings defined      testing along with the user at WADEC, Delhi, the
by the user).                                       infrastructure for which has been established and
                                                    operationalised by ISSA as part of the project.
Nuclear Hazard Prediction and Assessment            The ATP of the System will be carried out by the
Capability on Ground and Underground Targets        user after which the system will be handed over
(NUCPAC)                                            to User for further exploitation and deployments
     ISSA has undertaken this project with an
objective to develop mathematical models, and       Land Wargame (SANGRAM-II)
software for predicting damage on human,
structures and Deeply Buried Hardened Structure          SANGRAM-II, a division-level wargaming
(DBHS) under nuclear threat. Analytical models      system developed by ISSA, is deployed at
for peak overpressure (POP), DPST, positive         various WARCENs and CAT ‘A’ establishments
phase impulse, Mach stem formation, time of         of Indian Army. SANGRAM II product is being
shock arrival and pressure time history due to      used by Army to train commanders and staff
nuclear explosion formulated and implemented.       in conduct of offensive operations in desert/
Extensive simulation has been carried out to        semi-desert/plain terrains. ISSA provides the
prepare utility chart for optimum height of         technical support for its operationalisation and
burst and corresponding ground range for            exploitations. ISSA extended technical support
nuclear weapon ranging from sub kiloton to          to 24 wargame exercises of various formations
megaton yield. Thermal exposure due to aerial       during 2017.
nuclear burst catering the effects of weapon
sensitivity, skin colour and visibility evaluated.  Anti-Aircraft Simulation System (A2S2)
Basic models for initial nuclear radiation have
been explored and implemented.                           ISSA has designed and developed the Anti
                                                    Aircraft Simulation System (A2S2)that meets
Army Wargaming Simulation System                    the air defence training requirements of the
(SAMAR)                                             Kyrgyz Military Institute (KMI). ISSA scientists
                                                    visited KMI for installation and training of Anti
     SAMAR is a Computerised Wargaming System       Aircraft Simulation System(A2S2 v1.0). A2S2
on a Corp Canvas to train Commanders and Staff       has been deployed on 11 nodes (01 Instructor
of Indian Army at Division, Brigade and Battalion   and 10 Trainees) at IT Centre, KMI, Bishkek,

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