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     SAM cluster has been setup at DRDO HQ             environment safety for defence establishment
to address requirements for system analysis,
modeling and simulation for emerging war            Institute for Systems Studies and Analyses
scenarios. The cluster functions with two labs      (ISSA)
(CFEES and ISSA) and two Corporate Directorates
(DPI and DQR&S) under its purview. Dr. Chitra            ISSA Delhi, has emerged as a nodal systems
Rajagopal, Distinguished Scientist is the head      analyses lab in the field of combat modeling and
of this cluster.                                    simulation with a charter to carry out systems
                                                    analyses studies regarding weapon selection,
Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment          evaluation of tactical plans, threat assessment,
Safety (CFEES)                                      strategic planning, performance assessment
                                                    and wargames development. Its mission is
     CFEES Delhi is an advisory and regulatory      to conduct systems studies and develop high
body for MoD establishments in the area of          quality integrated software for system analysis
fire science and engineering, explosive and         and decision support in application areas of
environmental safety. In order to strengthen        sensors and weapons, electronic combat, land,
and enrich the technological basis for the          naval, air combat and air defence for use by
above functions, CFEES also undertakes R&D          DRDO and Services for design, mission planning,
projects utilising its expertise and state-of-the-  tactics development and training.
art laboratory facilities. Detailed experimental
investigation and computational modelling           Core Competence/Thrust Areas
techniques are adopted to validate various systems
designs and processes. CFEES also conducts          • Development of wargame softwares for Armed
regular fire fighting training programmes for
MoD personnel. Some of the notable products            Forces
developed by the laboratory include: portable
and back pack water mist based fire fighting        • Modeling, simulation, systems analyses and
system, fire suppressing gel and instant fire
detection and suppression system (IFDSS), to           integrated software development related to:
name a few.                                            Operational analysis; Damage assessment
                                                       and Sensor and weapon systems
Core Competence/Thrust Areas
                                                    • Systems evaluation studies: Force level
• Fire Science & Engineering: Design, development,
                                                       and weapon level performance evaluations
   test and evaluation of fire safety equipment        and Optimal deployment strategies
   and systems for mitigation of fire risks for
   different platforms of Defence Forces            • Combat model development: land combat,

• Explosive Safety: Design and development of          naval combat, air combat models

   safe explosive storage structures, methods       • Computer science and applications: software
   for hazard classification, blast parameter
   prediction and measurement, hardened aircraft       engineering, information support system-
   shelters, assorted blast door                       military geographical information system
                                                       (GIS), distributed simulation, situational
• Environment Safety: Research, technology             awareness and soft computing

   development in the field of environment, test    • Operational information dissemination systems
   and evaluation for management of hazardous       • Operation research and decision support
   wastes/materials, risk hazard analysis
• Regulatory Authority: To function as regulatory
                                                    • Static and dynamic analyses of military
   and compliance monitoring body as per
   the specific mandate on fire, explosive and         systems.

                                                    Significant Achievements during 2017

                                                    Water Mist System Validation for Fire
                                                    Protection in Naval Ships (WMFP-NS)

                                                         The main objective of the project is to

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