Page 89 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 89

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                   Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

• Design and development of MEMS                 • Crypto evaluation, cryptanalysis, cyber
     sensors and devices.                             security testing and certification

• Production of MEMS pressure transducers        Significant Achievements
     for various ranges from 0-400 bar both      during the year 2016
     absolute and gauge mode for flight vehicle
     applications.                               MICRO ELECTRONIC DEVICES

• Development and production of MEMS             AVADHANI
     based temperature sensors for flight
     vehicle applications.                           UVM based verification and emulation
                                                 process has been established. Concurrent
• Physical design and packaging of digital       development flow for hardware and software
     and analogue read out integrated circuits   of System-on-Chip (SoC) using virtual
     (ROICs).                                    prototype has been established.

COMPUTATIONAL SYSTEMS                            ANUWAP

2.5.5 Centre for Artificial                           Wrist wearable prototype computer
Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR)                 has been developed successfully and
    CAIR Bengaluru is working in the areas
of artificial intelligence, robotics, command     ANUSANDESH
and control, networking, information
and communication security leading to                The aim of the project is to develop a
development of mission critical products for     communication on chip with advanced features
battle field communication and management         which will provide good communication
systems.                                         capability to Defence forces. To achieve the
                                                 same System on Chip with ARM processors
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                   will be developed as per Users requirement.
                                                 During the year, third party IP integration
• Net centric systems for tactical command       was carried out in an indigenously developed
     control & communication systems             integration platform.

• Intelligent systems, unmanned systems,         ANUROUTER
     communication security
                                                     Architecture Design of Router Hardware
• Cyber security                                 Platform completed. The architecture design
                                                 is being reviewed by PDR committee.
2.5.6 Scientific Analysis Group
(SAG)                                            ANUOS

    SAG Delhi is one of the premier agencies in      Development of ANURAG Hardened
the country working in the area of cryptology,   Linux (AHL) and ANURAG Hardened
information security and cyber security.         Windows (AHW) solutions for security

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