Page 65 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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systems, data fusion systems, 2D-3D             critical technologies and components
     visualization and change detection              required for EW systems such as multi-
                                                     octave band antennas and radomes,
• Millimeter Wave and Microwave                      MW/MMW components and super
     communication systems                           components, narrow/wide band intercept
                                                     & monitoring receivers, high accuracy DF
• Satellite communication & network                  and frequency receivers, digital receivers,
     management systems                              homodyne receivers, superhet receivers,
                                                     signal analysers, ESM/ELINT processors,
• VLF receiver & modulator/combat net                system controllers, EW displays, high
     radio (CNR).                                    power transmitters for ECM, digital
                                                     & analog frequency memory loops for
• Satellite based systems & surveillance             jammers, high-voltage compact power
                                                     supplies etc.
• Image processing/data links
                                                • High performance antennas, antenna
2.3.4 Defence Electronics Research                   systems and radomes covering HF to
Laboratory (DLRL)                                    mmW frequency/radar finger printing
                                                     system (RFPS)
    Research and Development in the areas of
Electronic Warfare (EW) systems covering the    • High accuracy DF techniques for radar
communication and radar frequency bands              and communication signals
are being carried out at DLRL Hyderabad,
catering to the needs of Army, Airforce, Navy,  • Advanced radar ESM/ECM systems
Signal Intelligence Directorate and other Para
Military forces. Over the years, many of the    • Advanced communication ESM/ECM
systems developed by the laboratory have             systems
been productionised and inducted into the
Services, viz., Ajanta, Canon, Coin, Catch,     • Wide band digital RF memory/active off-
Gem, Vikram, Tempest, Safari, Samyukta,              board decoys
Sangraha, DivyaDrishti and Aries to name a
few.                                            • Simulation, modeling & training simulator
                                                     of EW systems
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
                                                • SIGINT on satellite, ELINT & COMINT
• Indigenous design and development of               for UAV and aerostats
     EW Systems, sub systems and technologies
     related to communication intelligence      • Missile EW systems and AES jammer
     (COMINT), electronic intelligence
     (ELINT), electronic support (ES), and      • Advanced signal processors, system
     electronic attack (EA). Production of EW        controllers and EW displays
     systems through production partners,
     their integration on various platforms     • Super resolution DF techniques for
     including vehicles, ships, submarines,          communication signals
     helicopters, aircraft and airborne PODs
     and subsequent field trials.                2.3.5 Instruments Research and
                                                Development Establishment (IRDE)
• In-house design and development of
                                                    IRDE Dehradun is devoted to research,
                                                design, development and technology transfer
                                                in optical and electro-optical instrumentation
                                                primarily for the Defence Services.

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