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    Laboratories of Electronics &                     Development Establishment (IRDE),
Communication Systems (ECS) cluster of                Dehradun
DRDO are involved in the development of
EW systems, radars, electro-optic equipment,     • Laser Science and Technology Centre
laser sources for directed energy weapon              (LASTEC), Delhi
systems and communication systems for
Indian Defence Forces. These equipment           • Electronics and Radar Development
have either been developed or deployed or             Establishment (LRDE), Bengaluru
are under development for airborne, ship
borne and ground based platforms. The Labs       2.3.1 Centre for High Energy
have made significant contributions in terms      Systems and Sciences (CHESS)
of development of equipment for electronic
warfare, electro-optics, data links, radars and      Directed Energy Laser Systems are an
lasers for flagship programmes like missiles,     emerging class of futuristic weapon systems.
unmanned air vehicles, airborne early warning    Development of high energy lasers with
& control system, aerostats, main battle tank,   military potential as beam weapons that transfer
integrated coastal surveillance system and       light energy to the intended target to cause
light combat aircraft. Programmes are also       damage is being actively pursued globally.
underway for development of sensors for          CHESS Hyderabad has been mandated to
satellite payloads.                              design, engineer, integrate and evaluate
                                                 directed energy systems based on high power
    This cluster which is headquartered at       laser (HPL) and high power electromagnetic
Bengaluru and headed by Ms. J Manjula,           (HPEM) and to synergize national capabilities
Distinguished Scientist, is involved in          towards their weaponization. There are two
technology development of sensors,               thrust areas, those are (a) Anti-UAV laser
instrumentation electronics, control and         weapon system (AULWS) for acquisition
communications modules and computers,            tracking and engagement of UAVs/Drones/
which are the basic building blocks of any       UCAVs etc. up to a range of >5 km, and (b)
modern warfare systems. The cluster consists     laser weapon system (DIVYASTRA) for
of six laboratories:                             disabling/destroying soft ground static/slow
                                                 moving targets like communication/radar/EW
• Centre for High Energy Systems and             antennas. CHESS has presently undertaken
     Sciences (CHESS), Hyderabad                 lead-in and S&T projects to address the
                                                 technology gaps and establish critical enabling
• Defence Avionics Research Establishment        technologies, i.e. beam directing optical
     (DARE), Bengaluru                           system, high precision beam pointing, and
                                                 space beam combination.
• Defence Electronics Applications
     Laboratory (DEAL), Dehradun                 Core Competencies/Thrust Areas

• Defence Electronics Research Laboratory        • Development of tactical directed energy
     (DLRL), Hyderabad                                laser

• Instrumentation  Research  and

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