Page 54 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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                  Counter Mine Flail                                 Bar Mine Layer

chassis. The CMF is capable of clearing mines    Sub-sequent to completion of design reviews,
and creating a vehicle safe lane of 4.5 m width  the prototype is presently under realization.
at an average speed of 2 kmph. Design of all     During the year, DRDO internal trials were
sub-systems of the experimental prototype        conducted at Suratgarh. System has been
including flailing system mechanism, flailing      dispatched for DRDO internal trials and
sub-system structural design, control system,    UATT. Realization of second prototype of
superstructure, open loop hydraulic system       Bar Mine Layer and Replenishment system
etc. and integration with the carrier vehicle    completed and technical trials are in progress.
have been completed. During the year, limited
mobility trials of CMF on T-72 have also been    Minefield Marking Equipment Mk-II
completed and work is in progress for flailing    (MFME Mk-II)
                                                     MFME Mk-II is used for quickly erecting
Self-Propelled Mine Burier (SPMB)                a perimeter fence around a minefield, by
                                                 driving iron-angle pickets and tying nylon
    SPMB is developed to lay/bury anti-tank      ropes. User suggested improvements and
land mines. The equipment has undergone
first phase of User trials and has performed

             Self-Propelled Mine Burier                   Minefield Marking Equipment Mk-II

successfully during the trials.                  product improvement completed. Equipment
                                                 is undergoing User trials at Bikaner.
Bar Mine Layer (BML)

    This system is used for quickly creating
minefield by burying anti-tank bar mines.
The system can carry about 500 bar mines
and lay/bury them at intervals of 6m to 30m.

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