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establishment is also working in the areas      • Mountain hazard mapping using remote
of robotics, composite products and micro-           sensing
electro-mechanical-systems (MEMS).
                                                • Instrumentation & sensors for snow and
Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                       avalanche research

• Development of: combat engineering            • Snow climate research and mountain
     systems and launchers for unmanned              meteorology
     aerial and underwater vehicles.
                                                • Artificial triggering of avalanches
• Field defence and NBC collective
     protection systems.                        2.2.9 Vehicles Research and
                                                Development Establishment
• Advanced system viz. robotics and             (VRDE)
     composite-based equipment.
                                                    VRDE Ahmednagar is involved in the
• Weapon launch systems.                        research, development, trial and evaluation
                                                of specialist vehicles including vehicles for
• Development of Micro-Electro-Mechanical       strategic missile programme, combat and
     Systems (MEMS).                            combat support vehicles - light tracked and
                                                wheeled, engines for UAVs (rotary and
2.2.8 Snow and Avalanche Study                  reciprocating) and unmanned aerial and
Establishment (SASE)                            unmanned ground vehicles.

    SASE Manali/Chandigarh has a mandate        Core Competencies/Thrust Areas
to develop technologies for mitigation of
cryospheric hazards and to ensure safe          • Ground support vehicles.
movement of troops in snow bound regions
of Indian Himalayas. SASE is striving hard      • Development of technologies for combat
to reduce the sufferings of Indian troops and         vehicles.
civilians in terms of safe mobility in harsh
climate conditions of Indian Himalaya. In       • Development of rotary engine and four
its journey towards excellence, the activities       stroke engines for UAV applications.
of SASE have increased manifold and it has
taken up state-of-the-art projects of national  • Development of autonomous unmanned
importance.                                          ground vehicle (AUGV).

Core Competencies/Thrust Areas                  • Performance evaluation of defence
                                                     vehicles using bio-diesel.
• Operational avalanche forecast
                                                • Family of armoured wheeled vehicles.
• Design of strategic avalanche control
     structures                                 • World class testing facilities and services
                                                     at National Centre for Automotive Testing
• Computational snow material science                (NCAT).

• Snow cover information system

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