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                       New Fan                    units for design and performance evaluation
                                                  is ongoing. Further activity towards integrated
operability of engine, the fan should have        testing of GP unit with fuel metering unit is
surge margin in excess of 25%. Design has         progressing in the test rig.
been completed. Components, sub-assembly
and assembly models and manufacturing             Anti-Icing System of a Gas Turbine Engine
drawings have been released. CDR has been
completed.                                            The main objective of this project is to
                                                  develop the capability to design a certified
Engine Fuel Control System (EFCS)                 Anti-Icing System for any state-of-the-art gas
                                                  turbine engine inlet for manned/unmanned
    The objective is to indigenously design       applications. Preliminary design review (PDR-
and develop hydro-mechanical fuel control         II) of anti-icing system has been completed.
systems for aero gas turbine engines application  Design of test article for icing tunnel tests
through technology development route. The         has been completed. Drawings are under
EFCS mainly comprises of the following LRUs:      progress. Heat transfer rig is made ready to
double pump unit (DPU), fuel metering unit        conduct experiments to measure pressure loss
(FMU), dump valve (DV), low pressure fuel         characteristics of the heating configuration.
filter assembly (LPFFA), fan variable guide
vane actuation system (FVGAS), compressor         High Oxidative & Thermal Stability Oil (HOTS
variable guide vane actuation system              OIL)
(CVGAS). Realisation of proof of concept units
viz. standalone centrifugal pump (CP) with            The high oxidative thermal stability oil
& without inducer and gear pump (GP) are          (HOTS oil) finds application in high speed and
completed. 10 hours of running-in test for GP     high temperature aerospace vehicles. Success
unit was successfully completed. Testing of       of small turbofan engine program depends
                                                  largely on the availability of high oxidative
                                                  thermal stability oil (HOTS oil). GTRE has
                                                  taken up a project in association with DMSRDE,
                                                  Kanpur for development of high oxidative &
                                                  thermal stability oil (HOTS oil) for oil system.
                                                  Qualification tests carried out for selected PP-2
                                                  HOTS oil. GTRE has tested HOTS oil in T1 &
                                                  T3 engine successfully.

                                                  Production Orders

                                                      Production orders were placed for the
                                                  follow systems: brake parachute for SU-30,
                                                  Jaguar and Mirage aircrafts.

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