Page 36 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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    Controlled Aerial Delivery System

Up Weight (AUW) has been successfully                                    Nakshatra
developed by DRDO. During the year, two
CADS demonstration trials in Yunthang            warning & detection of low flying aircrafts &
Sikkim region were successfully conducted.       missiles. During Jun 2016, User demonstration
A new TD project has been undertaken this        trial up to 1000 m AMSL was successfully
year to design and develop CADS for precise      conducted at User site. The project has
delivery of 1 Ton AUW from AN-32 aircraft        completed its scope/objectives and is under
by utilizing a RAP and autonomous guidance,      closure.
navigation and control mechanism.
                                                 Paratrooper Tactical Assault (PTA-G2)
Tactical Aerostat System
                                                     During the year, successful live jump (10
    Tactical Aerostat System was positioned as   nos.) of PTA-G2 system was conducted at
per Army requirement with COMINT payload         Agra. Aircraft drop trials of reserve parachute
in Nov 2016 as per Army’s urgent requirement.    was also carried out successfully.
The aerostat system earlier has undergone
high altitude trial at North East Region (13000  Tandem Combat Free Fall (TCFF)
ft.) successfully in Aug 2016 with V/UHF
payload. The trial has demonstrated to User          During the year, Live Jump was successfully
interception of 7 frequencies which were         conducted at Agra.
otherwise not available on ground.
                                                 Brake Parachute for Hawk (AJT) Aircraft
Medium Size Aerostat Surveillance System
‘Nakshatra’                                          Indigenously developed brake parachute
                                                 has been successfully delivered to IAF.
    ‘Nakshatra’ is an integrated medium size
aerostat surveillance system for surveillance,   Kaveri Engine
communications broadcasting, airborne early
                                                     Kaveri engine was designed and developed
                                                 for LCA, Tejas aircraft. Nine prototypes of

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