Page 35 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 35

radar with air traffic display (ATD) system,
                                                  range control centre & technical centre and
                                                  two hangers.

                                                  Heavy Drop System (HDS)

        Sub-sonic cruise missile ‘Nirbhay’            Heavy Drop System (HDS) with capability
                                                  to drop loads like 3 Ton from AN-32 aircraft
capable of carrying up to 300 kg warheads. It     and 7 Ton & 16 Ton from IL-76 aircraft have
is a two stage surface-to-surface missile. The    already been developed. Army has already
system incorporates the ring laser gyroscope      placed an indent on OFB for 159 sets for 3
based inertial navigation system (RINS-16) as     Ton HDS. P-7 HDS has been accepted by the
primary navigation and MEMS based inertial        Army for induction. A total of six UATTs
navigation system (MINGS) as secondary
navigation system. ‘Nirbhay’ ground launch-04
(NGL-04) was conducted in Dec 2016.

Autonomous Mission Control Algorithms for
Solo and Group of UAVs (COPS)

    ADE has taken up a project to advance                          Heavy Drop System
research in the field of autonomous mission
controls for Swarms of heterogeneous UAVs.        have been completed for the P-16 HDS and
Characterization and modelling of different        the system has met all the requirements of
acoustic sources and sensors is in progress.      guidance. Technology has been successfully
Development of algorithms for cooperative         demonstrated including trials at high altitude
localization methodologies in single and          area. Combat vehicle (BMP) was successfully
multiple-source environments is in progress.      para-dropped from a record height of 4400 m
Mission simulation to detect multiple targets     (AMSL) in Leh & Ladakh area (HAA). User
amenable to multi-UAV missions is in progress.    trials for the system are being carried out. A
                                                  new technology demonstration (TD) project
Aeronautical Test Range (ATR) Facility at         has been undertaken this year to design and
Chitradurga                                       develop HDS for C-130 J & C-17 aircraft to
                                                  para drop military payload of Users.
    Aeronautical Test Range at Chitradurga,
Karnataka has been operationalized. The           Controlled Aerial Delivery System
work related to establishment of ATR facility
includes major activities related to civil works      Airdrop technology is a vital capability
and readiness of flight worthy runaway which       for rapid deployment of payloads to specific
are completed. The range also has other           rendezvous points. CADS for 500 kg All
facilities viz. primary & secondary surveillance

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