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review and cost estimation guidelines and (ii)      Rs. 20,393 Cr). About 38% of the total cost of
stringent review mechanism wherein alerts are       CCS programme is funded by the User. Out of
being sent for follow-up on timely reviews.         these, two CCS projects are related to design
                                                    and development of missiles: Long Range
    As on 31st Dec 2016, DRDO currently has         Surface-to-Air Missiles (LRSAM) and Medium
291 ongoing projects (excluding strategic           Range Surface-to-Air Missiles (MRSAM). The
projects) amounting to approximately Rs.            CCS projects in the field of Aeronautics are:
49,245 Cr (including User share). Out of 291        Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Air Force Mk-I,
ongoing projects, 43 large projects (cost ≥ Rs.     LCA Air Force Mk-II, LCA Navy Mk-I, LCA
100 Cr) have a cost of Rs. 42,860 Cr (DRDO’s        Navy Mk-II, Airborne Early Warning and
share~ 70% of the total share). Table 3 provides    Control (AEW&C) System and Kaveri Engine.
a brief outlay of cluster wise distribution of the  Airborne Warning and Control System (India)
projects and their cost.                            programme has been approved but sanction of
                                                    funds is yet to be awarded.
    There are 9 major programmes approved
by Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS)                  Details of major projects & programmes
amounting to Rs. 33,126 Cr (DRDO’s share:           are covered cluster-wise in ensuing chapters.

                      Table 3: Cluster-Wise Financial Allocation for Projects

Clusters                          No. of Projects     Cost (Rs. in Cr)
Aeronautical Systems              30                  2162.67

Armaments and         Combat 65                       3218.94
Engineering Systems
Electronics and Communication 44                      858.83
Life Sciences                     24                  2354.56
Micro Electronic Devices and 27                       49244.49
Computational Systems

Missiles and Strategic Systems 54

Naval Systems and Materials       45

ISSA                              2

Total                             291

Note: The data does not include strategic programmes

Table 4 provides a brief outlay of category wise distribution of the projects and their cost.

                     Table 4: Category-Wise Financial Allocation for Projects

Project Categories                No. of Projects     Cost (Rs. in Cr)
Mission Mode (MM)                 60                  37855.54
Technology Demonstration (TD)     140                 8199.24
Infrastructure & Facilities (IF)  15                  1477.75
Science & Technology (S&T)        61                  1114.33
Product Support (PS)              15                  597.63
Total                             291                 49244.49

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