Page 162 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 162


     LLTR       Low Level Transportable Radar
     LMG        Light Machine Gun
     LOBL       Lock-On-Before-Launch
     LORDS      Laser Ordnance Disposal System
     LPE        Liquid Phase Epitaxy
     LPI        Low Probability of Intercept
     LPS        Laser Proximity Sensor
     LQT        Limited Qualification Tests
     LRSAM      Long Range Surface-to-Air Missiles
     LRTR       Long Range Tracking Radar
     LS         Life Sciences
     LSP        Limited Series Production
     LTA        Lighter-than-Air
     MAPI       Mine Anti-Personnel Inflammable
     MARF       Multi-Agent Robotics Framework
     MARS       Multi Agent Robotics System
     MBE        Molecular Beam Epitaxy
     MBK        Multi Beam Klystrons
     MBRLS      Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher System
     MBT        Main Battle Tank
     MCIWS      Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System
     MCS        Mission Communication System
     MCS        Mobile Camouflage Systems
     MCT        Mercury Cadmium Telluride
     MDP        Management Development Programmes
     MED & CoS  Micro Electronic Devices and Computational Systems
     MEMS       Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems

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