Page 158 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 158


    DoS     Department of Space
    DPA     Directorate of Parliamentary Affairs
    DPSUs   Defence Public Sector Undertakings
    DRC     Dual Rectifier Center
    DRDS    Defence Research and Development Services
    DRTC    Defence Research and Technical Cadre
    DTC     Defence Technology Commission
    EA      Electronic Attack
    ECCM    Electronic Counter-Counter Measure
    ECM     Electronic Counter Measures
    ECS     Electronics and Communication Systems
    EDCP    Electrical Power Distribution Control Panel
    EFCS    Engine Fuel Control System
    EFM     Electronic Force Multiplier
    ELFE    Extremely low frequency emissions
    ELINT   Electronic Intelligence
    EO      Electro-optics
    EOS     Electro-optical subsystems
    ER&IPR  Extramural Research and Intellectual Property Rights
    ERA     Explosive Reactive Armour
    ES      Electronic Support
    ESM     Electronic Support Measures
    ESTEC   Environmental Simulation Test Chamber Facility
    EW      Electronic Warfare
    FADEC   Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller
    FAE     Fuel Air Explosives
    FAK     First Aid Kit

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