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Internal Trial Policy                              7.7 RAJBHASHA

    Internal trial policy for conducting internal      The Rajbhasha Directorate at DRDO HQ
trial of DRDO developed products before            facilitates DRDO labs/estts for implementation
the DGQA/User trials is being implemented.         of ‘Official Language Policy of the Union of
DQR&S has been playing a key role in internal      India’ and achieving the targets laid down in
trials of DRDO developed systems to ensure the     the annual programme. Various activities are
preparedness of DRDO products for DGQA/            organized by the laboratories during the year.
User trial. DQR&S actively participated in Multi   Most of the DRDO laboratories publish in-
Mode Hand Grenade (MMHG), Self Propelled           house journal in Hindi and celebrate Rajbhasha
Mine Burier (SPMB) & Bar Mine Layer (MML-          Pakhwada. Various activities are organized by
SP), Medium Power Radar (MPR)- Arudhra,            the laboratories during the year. Most of the
Low Level Light Weight Radar (LLLR) Mk-II,         DRDO laboratories publish in-house journal
Mine Anti personal Blast- NIPUN, Synthetic         in Hindi and celebrate Rajbhasha Pakhwada.
Aperture Radar (SAR) for UAV, Low Level            As on Dec 2016, 213 Rajbhasha workshops and
Transportable Radar (LLTR)- Ashwini, Digital       07 technical seminars in Rajbhasha have been
Radar Warning Receiver-DR118 (Dhruti),             organized. 42 Rajbhasha in-house journals
Dual color Missile Approach Warning System         have been published by DRDO labs.
for Fighter Aircraft (DCMAWS), Skid Steer
Loaders (SSL) with attachments, Combat Free        7.8 RIGHT TO INFORMATION
Fall (CFF) Parachutes, 81mm Anti thermal -
Anti Laser Smoke grenade (AT-AL), 16 nos.              During the year, 'Workshops on RTI
NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle MK-II (NBCRV            matters' were organised at Pune, Bengaluru
MK-II), Internal Trial- project ALTAS, Trials of   and Hyderabad for the benefit of CPIOs and
Mine Anti Tank Bar Mine -Vishal (NFM) and          other officials of labs in Delhi region. Weekly
Mine Anti Tank Point Attack-Vibhav (NFM),          reports on RTI applications is being regularly
Consistency trial of 120MM FSAPDS Mk-I             forwarded to Hon'ble Raksha Mantri. The
Ammunition & 125MM FSAPDS and Trials of            RTI Cell has processed RTI applications/first
Bullet Proof Jacket (BPJ).                         appeals/second appeals as per the following
                                                   details during 01 Jan 2016 – 15 Dec 2016 (Table

                      Table 8: RTI Applications

 Information sought   Received                     Disposed off  Under Process
                          774                            754            20
   RTI Applications       148                            148             0
                          118                            115            03
     First Appeals

Second Appeals (CIC)

   142   143   144   145   146   147   148   149   150   151   152