Page 142 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 142


Platform (WhAP), ‘Akash’ Air Defence             to review and monitoring of all ongoing Project
System, Radars etc., besides, static display of  Agreements (PAs) with various countries new
models and exhibits. The event emphasized        Project Agreements with USA (under JTG),
DRDO’s commitment towards ‘Make in India’        Russia (under IRIGC) and Israel (under IIMC)
to provide state-of-the-art technologies and     were signed by DRDO.
products to the Armed Forces.
                                                          MoU between DRDO and Canadian
         Display of DRDO products at             Commercial Corporation (CCC) for
Parliament Premises was carried out during       Corporation in “Development of Military and
03-05 Aug 2016.                                  Defence Related Technology, Infrastructure,
                                                 Training and Service” was signed in Oct 2016.
6.4 INTERNATIONAL                                As a part of Intra-Ministerial-Working-Group
COOPERATION                                      (IMWG) under DGFT, Ministry of Commerce
                                                 on matters relating to import/export of
    In the year 2016, DRDO conducted regular     SCOMET items, DRDO participated as part
annual bilateral Defence R&D meetings with       of the Technical Expert Meeting at the MTCR
USA, UK, Russia and Israel. Also, DRDO           plenary session at Bussan, South Korea. DRDO
participated in bilateral/multilateral meetings  also participated in the Certain Conventional
chaired by MEA, MOD and DDP. In addition         Weapons Session in Geneva.

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