Page 131 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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4.3 Centre for Fire, Explosive and                      for eco-friendly disposal of unserviceable/
Environment Safety (CFEES)                              rejected ammunition. An EOI has
                                                        been floated to identify a prospective
    The major achievements/activities                   development partner for the same.
undertaken by CFEES during the year 2016 are
as under:                                              Fire Safety Audits/Advisory of MoD
Explosive Safety Audits/Advisory to MoD
Establishments                                     • Fire Safety Review/Site Inspection: 20

• Task force on ammunition storage policies        • Advice/Consultancy Rendered: 149
     has recommended and accordingly
     Hon’ble RM has directed for adoption of       • Board of Officers Meeting: 06
     CFEES designs of IGLOOS and URP for
     all ammunition storage echelons in the        • Court of Inquiry of Fire Accident/
     country. RM also directed to explore the           Incident : 03
     potential of exporting the designs of new
     explosive storage houses to other friendly    • Total Fire Advisory Cases Cleared : 178
     countries.                                    Environment and Process Safety Audit of DRDO
• Master plan for Northern & Eastern
     Command: A master storage plan to cater       • Environment and Process Safety Audits
     the ammunition storage requirement of
     Indian Army up to the year 2027 has been      completed for twenty five (25) DRDO
     finalized by optimizing the available land
     by proposing innovative storage structure     laboratories located at Pune, Bangalore,
     (i.e. underground, Igloos etc.).
                                                   Kochi, Chennai, Nashik, Ambernath,
• Siting of new cases for ammunition
     storage/processing: Final approval for 211    Balasore/Chandipur,  Ahmednagar,
     nos. explosive storage facility in Indian
     Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy        Delhi, Gwalior, Haldwani, Kanpur and
     has been scrutinized and approved for
     construction.                                 Chandigarh

• Safety Audit of Defence Establishments:          • Under the nanosafety initiatives prepared
     Explosive safety audit of 16 nos. of defence       “Safety Guidelines for Working with
     establishments of DRDO, OFB, PSU &                 Nano-materials in DRDO Research
     DGQA & ammunition Depots of Army                   Laboratories” duly approved from DRDO,
     has been carried out.                              HQ. It includes scope, objective, potential
                                                        hazards, risk and hazard assessment,
• Disposal of unserviceable/rejected                    risk control measures, Preventive and
     ammunitions: A project has been proposed           Protective measures for various nano
                                                        materials being handled in DRDO.

                                                   Fire Safety training to officers and men of MoD

                                                   • Regular Course (03 nos.) for 103 personnel
                                                   • Short Course (03 nos.) for 124 personnel

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