Page 117 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Engineering Application of Stealth Technologies  of the propeller was achieved. It has facilitated
    During the year, mobile acoustic ranging     indigenous capability development in the field
                                                 of propeller design and optimized engine-
sea acceptance trials were successfully          propeller matching. Successful system level
completed. Installation and testing of laser     modeling of composite diesel prime mover
cross section measurement instrumentation        and alternator of an Indian Naval Stealth
system (LaCSMI) was also completed.              Frigate towards design optimisation and life
Extremely low frequency emissions (ELFE)         cycle reliability and maintainability was also
measurements of nominated Indian Naval           achieved.
ships are also completed.
                                                 Land Based Prototype (LBP) for Air Independent
 Mobile Acoustic Range System at Sea Trials      Propulsion (AIP) System for Indian Submarines
Technologies for Integration of Propulsion
System for Design & Construction of Warship          The main objective of the project is to
for Indian Navy                                  develop a 270kW phosphoric acid fuel cell
                                                 based LBP for AIP and to demonstrate a LBP
    During the year, successful design           of the AIP as an integrated power unit of peak
optimisation of propulsion power plant of        raw power 270kW housed in a simulated hull
INS Makar, a catamaran type Indian Naval         section having nearly similar equipments
Survey Vessel through design modifications        as required for the submarine version. The
                                                 successful development of the LBP will
                                                 ultimately lead to realization of 270 kW
                                                 fuel cell based AIP for P-75 class (Scorpene)
                                                 submarine, which would result in additional
                                                 underwater endurance of the submarine at
                                                 nominal power consumption level. Sub-system
                                                 realization is under progress. During the year,
                                                 limited endurance testing of Pre Fabrication
                                                 Floor Module (PPFM) of LBP was successfully

Integratyion of major equipment on LBP           LOX (Liquid Oxygen System)

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