Page 107 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 107

Thermal Shock Chamber

81 mm mortar electronic fuze performance       system for qualification. TBRL has already
was evaluated successfully at velocity > 200   established capability to carry out 07 out of
m/s.                                           these 08 tests. The remaining, ‘the drop test’,
                                               which is a requirement in other tests too, has
Augmentation of Environmental Test Facility    also been established this year for creating the
for Warheads & Electronic system               infrastructure facility for this category of test.
                                               Mass as high as 1.5 ton can be dropped from
    TBRL is under process of augmenting its    a height as high as 15 m with capability to
already established ETF. This year several     withstand any accidental detonation.
facilities have been added under climatic/
ISAT, dynamic and EMI/EMC test facility.       Effect of Material and Stress Raisers on
The most significant is thermal shock chamber   Fragmentation Pattern of High Explosive Shells
which can cater 500kh mass for minus 70 °C
to 180 °C with 15 °C/minute rate. Foundation       155 mm HE shell variants for natural &
stone of new ETF complex was laid this year    controlled fragmentation is designed. Steel
on 31st August by DS & DG (MSS).               alloys are used for natural & controlled
                                               fragmentation. Quasi static and dynamic
Instrumented and Mechanized Drop Test          testing analysis of samples of SAE 52100 &
facility at TBRL Ramgarh Range                 4340 is done.

    Instrumented and mechanized drop           Production of Multi-Mode Hand Grenade
test facility is established at TBRL to study
the impact of dropping the system from 12-         After successful development of
15m height on the munitions. As per NATO       multimode hand grenade, a product support
standard for IM compliance (STANAG), 08 tests  project was undertaken to establish and
are required to be performed on ammunition     produce initial lots of multimode hand

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