Page 102 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
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Infantry Command Vehicle (ICV) BMP-2              completed. Two nos. of successful static tests
vehicle called 'NAMICA'. During the year,         of indigenously developed nozzle less booster
guided flight tests of ‘Nag’ were carried out      & boron based ramjet sustainer were carried
with the objective of demonstrating the range     out. Fabricated and realized SFDR ground
capabilities of IIR Seeker during the worst time  launcher for flight testing of SFDR missile
of the day in summer environment.                 along with ground launch booster.

Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM)     New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile
    QRSAM weapon system is capable of
search on move, track on move and fire on              DRDO is involved in the design and
short halts while engaging multiple targets       development of NGARM having a range
at ranges of about 30 km with two vehicle         of 100 km. AKU-58 launcher after suitable
configuration for area Air Defence. System         modification will be used for missile
design has been completed and most of the         integration on Su-30 MKI aircraft. During the
sub-systems including X-Band Quad Transmit        year, structural qualification tests on launch
Receive Modules (QTRMs), Two Way Data             lugs, airframe, wings and fins of NGARM were
Link (TWDL) onboard segment etc. are under        completed successfully. In-flight vibration
realization. Short burn missile (SBM) was         tests on the metric missile with launcher were
successfully test fired. Static test of QRSAM      completed. The design of these components
rocket motor was carried out successfully         has been validated and has been proved to
which met all the propulsion performance          withstand design loads with designed factors
requirements. Upgradation of Akash Air Force      of safety. Pit-drop tests have been carried out
launcher completed to meet QRSAM flight            to verify operation of the AKU-58AE catapult
requirements of QX-01 & QX-02 missions. The       launcher after RCMA approved modifications.
system will be flight tested in early 2017.        Captive Flight Testing (Phase-I) of NGARM on
                                                  Sui-30MKI was completed successfully from
Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) Technology        IAF Station, Pune to demonstrate mechanical
for Air Launched Tactical Missiles                integrity of the launch lugs. Drop flight testing
                                                  of NGARM from Su-30MKI was completed
    The state-of-the-art SFDR is a joint          successfully from IAF Station, Kalaikunda
development project between DRDO and              to demonstrate safe-separation of the missile
Russia. SFDR is designed with an advanced         from the catapult launcher. Missile hardware
propulsion system having thrust modulation        and avionic sub-systems have been realized
using hot gas flow controller. The missile is      and have been subjected to safety of flight tests
configured with reduced smoke nozzle less
booster, having a range of 120 km at 8 km          NGARM integrated with Su-30MKI for CFT
altitude with a speed of 2.3-2.5 Mach. Sub-
scale testing of nozzle less booster & sustainer
and sketch design review (SDR) of SFDR
propulsion system has been completed. SFDR
model fabrication for wind tunnel testing
at NAL Bangalore and characterization of
SFDR ground launch aero configuration in
terms of aerodynamic force and moments is

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