Page 101 - DRDO Annual Report_2016
P. 101

Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM)

    MRSAM Weapon System is being
developed for the Indian Air Force (IAF) for
protecting our own territories and ground
forces from air attacks. The system is jointly
developed by DRDO, IAF and IAI, Israel.
During the year, three flight trials were
successfully carried out during Jun/Jul 2016
to evaluate target detection and tracking by
Long Range Detection and Tracking Radar
(LBMFSTAR), missile launch and homing on
target and radar tracking & ASP generation.

                        MRSAM                                    Air-to-Air Missile ‘Astra’

Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile ‘Astra’     range. User trials with Banshee targets covering
                                                   different scenarios have been carried out
    Beyond visual range air-to-air missile         successfully in Dec 2016. Air Force clearance
‘Astra’ (60 km) possessing high single shot        for LSP of 50 missiles has been obtained.
kill probability making it highly reliable is
being developed by DRDO to engage and              Third Generation Helicopter Launch Anti-Tank
destroy highly maneuvering supersonic aerial       Guided Missile ‘Helina’
targets. The missile incorporates many unique
features like active radar terminal guidance,          Helina is a 3rd generation helicopter lauch
excellent electronic counter-counter measure       anti-tank guided missile with 7 km lock-
(ECCM) features, smokeless propulsion and          on-before-launch (LOBL) range capability
process improved effectiveness. During the          with imaging infra-red (IIR) for integration
year, Astra missile launch as part of Iron Fist -  on Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH-WSI).
2016 operation was carried out at the Pokhran      Helina weapon system comprises of four
                                                   launchers, eight missiles and one fire control
                                                   system. During the year, captive flight trials
                                                   (CFT) were conducted from HAL, Bangalore
                                                   and Desert Ranges of Rajasthan.

                                                   Anti-Tank Missile ‘PROSPINA’

                                                       ‘Nag’ is a 3rd generation anti-tank missile
                                                   (ATM) with 'Fire & Forget' and 'Top Attack'
                                                   capabilities, which can be used in day and
                                                   night. It is deployed on a specially modified

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