Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
BinderNon-isocyanate based cure binder system propellantHEMRL
BoosterHigh performance large size boosterASL
Nozzle Less Booster for Long Range Air to Air MissilesDRDL
Compact EngineHigh specific power and compact propulsion system / power plantVRDE
Component ManufacturingDual microstructure in integrally blades rotors that provide location specific propertiesDMRL
Gamma titanium aluminides (Cast & wrought alloys) for development of aeroengine componentsDMRL
Single crystal (SX) Components for Aerospace EnginesDMRL
Control SystemsCompact Agile Divert Attitude Thruster Control SystemDRDL
Digital TwinDigital Twin Technology for Structural Integrity evaluation for propulsion systemsASL
Dry EngineFlight worthy Aero Engine for Unmanned Combat Air VehicleGTRE
Electric PropulsionAir Breathing Electric Propulsion for Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO)   -
Electric Propulsion for Air ShipADRDE
Electrically Throttlable PropellantsElectrically ignitable propellant and its ability to throttle and control of burning rate with electrical parametersHEMRL
Explosive DisposalTechnologies for safe disposal of propellantsHEMRL
Fuel ManagementFuel Flow Controller for Long Range Air to Air MissilesDRDL
Fuel flow controllers for liquid/air breathing propulsion systems for Ramjet Thrust Modulation - Pulse Width Modulation Valves & Flow ControllersDRDL
Gas GeneratorAdvanced Turbo Gas Generator for Anti -Ship Cruise MissileGTRE
Gas Generators for System articulationASL
On-board N2 Gas generatorASL
Steam Gas generators for Canister applicationsASL
Gas Turbine EngineDigital Engine Control Unit for Small Turbo Fan EngineADE
Fuel Flow Metering  Unit for Fighter Aircraft with form fit replacementADE
Gas Trubine EngineGTRE
Long Endurance Small Turbo Fan EngineGTRE
Small Turbo Fan Engine For Air Launched Cruise MissileGTRE
Jet PropellorConstant Speed PropellersADE
Life Cycle AssessmentAccelerated ageing studies on composite solid propellantsDRDL
Characterize the viscoelastic nature of propellant using accelerated ageing studies to understand the behavior of propellant during its lifecycleHEMRL/ACEM
Sample evaluation for natural ageing and Statistical model incorporating Artificial Intelligence framework using ANN, ML and DLHEMRL/ACEM
Liquid PropulsionRegen Cooled Engine - Liquid Propulsion (LP) for Liquid Upper Stage for High Altitude InterceptorDRDL
Variable Thrust Engine 40% to 100% for Thrust Modulation - Flow ControllerDRDL
Mono-Propellant for Reaction Control System & Satellite Propulsion - Hydrazine Based ThrustersDRDL
Regen Cooled Engine for Liquid Upper Stage Rocket EngineDRDL
Surface Tension based Propellant tanksDRDL
Liquid Propellant Based Ballistics Charaterization for High Mach Muzzle Power Travelling Charge System GunARDE
MaterialsRocket Motor Casing  using Steel Strip Technology with Insensitive Munition (IM) complianceNMRL
Alloy for Gas Turbine BladeDMRL
High Performance Carbon Fibre for Composite Rocket Motor CasingASL
Hydroclaved Carbon Phenolic for large Solid Rocket Motor throatASL
Light Weight Ablative linersASL
Nickel superalloy for High Pressure Rotor (HPT) componentsDMRL
Resins compatible to high strength fibresASL
Sub-size P/M superalloy discs with targeted metallurgical propertiesDMRL
Superalloy Components of Small Turbo-Fan EngineDMRL
PropellantAdvanced Energetic smokeless propellantsHEMRL
Advanced Propellant formulations with high specific impulse for different applications (Aluminised and non-aluminised)HEMRL
Alternate fuels (Bio fuels / blended fuels )CVRDE
Ammonium Dinitramide for realizing higher specific impulseHEMRL
Boron based composites and bimetals as attractive fuel additives for application in explosive and propellants, thermites, ignitersHEMRL
Different burn rate based on the thrust requirementsHEMRL/ACEM
Double Base Propellant with less Flame tempHEMRL
Endothermic Fuel  for Long Duration Hypersonic EnginesDRDL
Extruded Fuel Rich Propellant in Ramjet modeHEMRL
High Burn Rate propellant for Gas GeneratorsASL
High energy density fuels using plant metabolitesDIHAR/DIBER
Manufacturing technology for key burning rate modifier, Butyl ferrocenesilane grafted Hydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB)HEMRL
Manufacturing technology for polymers viz. t-GAP, Epoxy terminated Butadiene Isoprene Butadiene (BIB) and anionic Hydroxy Terminated Polybutadiene (HTPB)HEMRL
Nitramine Grinding and spheridisation Plant for achieving reduced sensitivity and size reduction methods for NitrmanesHEMRL/ACEM
Pilot plant scale process for Raw & Prilled ADNHEMRL
Pilot scale preparation of nano Boron, nanoAluminium, and nano metal oxides for HEM application  using RF Induction Thermal Plasma ReactorHEMRL
Propellant and igniters Composition and ProcessingHEMRL
Propellant with greater IspHEMRL
Solid Propellant Self-extinguishment and Re-ignitable Propellant for Thrust Termination and Multi-pulse applicationASL
Solid PropulsionBurn Rate Augmentation Prediction Model developmentASL
Semi-empirical  3D modeling of unsteady combustion responseDRDL
Solid Propellant Combustion Prediction Code DevelopmentASL
Solid Propulsion Performance Prediction code developmentASL
Virtual Six Component Testing of Rocket Motor - Software Model DevelopmentDRDL
Automated Fibre Placement and Automated Tape LayingDRDL
Casting Chamber for casting large rocket motors under vacuum level of 3 torrHEMRL/ACEM
Casting of Multiple Large Solid Rocket MotorsASL
Curing Oven for Rocket motor curing processHEMRL/ACEM
Design and Realization technology for CompositesDRDL
Design and Realization technology for Nozzle LinersDRDL
Hopper for propellant slurry with Electro-pneumatic discharge valve for slurry discharge into motor castHEMRL/ACEM
Hot Gas Valve based Solid Rocket MotorsASL
Long duration solid propellant rocket motorDRDL
Manufacturing technology for Composite Rocket Motor Casings (CRMCs) using  Collapsible metallic fully reusable mandrelDRDL
Motor Assembly Platform & Motor tilting fixture/Manual TilterHEMRL/ACEM
Out of Autoclave processing of Divergent Liners for NozzlesDRDL
Special Purpose Machining technology for HD1.1 PropellantHEMRL/ACEM
Three pulse motor technology with metallic barrier for Solid propulsion systemDRDL
Thrust Termination System for Upper Stage Rocket MotorsASL
Granular or Flake Propellant for High Mach Muzzle Power Travelling Charge System GunARDE
Multiple measurement techniques of propellant combustion response over wide frequency range at different initial temperaturesDRDL
Starter GeneratorMore Electric Propulsion with the gas turbine engine as the principal power-plantGTRE
SustainerBoron Based Sustainer for Long Range Air to Air MissilesDRDL
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