Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
IR FlareIR flare for Airborne Counter Measure Dispensation System (CMDS)HEMRL
Magnesium Teflon Viton (MTV) IR Flare for airborne platformsHEMRL
Pyrophoric based flares for heat seeking missilesHEMRL
AI based Smart Chaff Technologies & VR based Training Modules for  Chaff Operational TacticsDLJ
Band Specific Chaff along with Smart Chaff Deployment SystemDLJ
Chaff / Microwave Obscurant Clouds for Safe Corridor applicationDLJ
Chaff materials/ Payload up to Ka band along with Smart Chaff Deployment SystemDLJ
Chaff Technology for airborne platformsDLJ
Creation of Chaff/ Microwave Obscurant Clouds Corridor to safeguard Army AssetsDLJ
Dynamic Radar Cross Section (RCS) Signature Management of Combat PlatformsDLJ
Jammer Integrated Chaff TechnologiesDLJ
Radar Cross Section (RCS) Measurement of Chaff fired from AircraftDLJ
Naval FlareAnti sonar device for submarineHEMRL
Signal (red and green) flares for submarineHEMRL
Smoke GrenadeSmoke grenade to obscure the enemy missiles in visual,  laser, thermal and mm Wave regionHEMRL
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