• Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) Mysore, pursuing the mission to support corona warriors, has developed this quick response asset to deal the situation arising due to contagious diseases including Covid-19 pandemic.automated1
  • The Laboratory stationed on mobile platform has been named PARAKH. It provides for unidirectional airflow and gradient negative room pressure with class III Biosaftey cabinet (BSC) for entry and safe processing of clinical samples. The viral inactivation and first 2 steps of viral lysis of RNA extraction are performed inside the BSC assuring personnel protection.
  • The lab facility is built on ISO 20 feet dry container and mounted on a chassis for mobility. The exhaust air being HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtered, satisfies Class 10,000 or ISO7 air quality. Complete Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) is used to maintain desired unidirectional airflow and room pressure gradients of negative pressure as compared to the ambience.
  • The ingress of the samples is done in a safe way through a specifically designed dynamic pass box (as shown in the picture above) for direct delivery inside the Class III bio-safety cabinet for safe sample processing.
  • The facilities in the Lab include clean air work station, cold chain for storing the reagents and samples, Provision for treatment of liquid effluents, safe storage of solid biohazard wastes and decontamination by autoclaving. Further provision for storing and donning PPEs, storage for Autoclave & dynamic pass box facility have been provided for sample entry used aprons, emergency body shower and eye wash etc. have been provided.
  • The Lab setup has necessary captive and raw power supply, space for sufficient fuel and water provisions and thus can be easily transported by road and deployed at the site of emergency as per the requirement. Air bellow suspension has been used to reduce the vibration during transport and air compressor for inflating tyres.
  • Specifically for Covid-19 testing, the lab has been provided with Real-Time PCR detection platform. Medical Professional can easily and safely handle and preserve samples from disease outbreaks or during surveillance. The interior view of the Mobile containment laboratory showing Class III biosafety cabinet, real time PCR, PCR work station, pass box, -20 degree Celsius freezer, refrigerator and incubator.automated2
  • Real time PCR provided for COVID-19 screening from clinical samples can test about 300 samples per day. The Lab has been Handed over to Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory (VRDL) of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (the sole authorised COVID-19 testing facility in Mysore region) to enhance their testing capability.
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