Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyAI based predictive maintenance moduleVRDE
Ballistic EvaluationNon-Destructive Test methodologies for ballistic evaluation of body armour and vehicle armour systemsTBRL
Digital ImagingDigital imaging technique powered by Flat Panel Detector in combination with complete automation of Ammunition handlingHEMRL/ACEM
RadiographyUse of AI models on  Radiographed data for  defect detection in Rocket MotrosHEMRL/ACEM
Automated Defect Recognition Using AIHEMRL
RadiometryHigh energy of Co-60 isotope due to homogenous beam penetration for inspection of large sized dia motorsHEMRL/ACEM
TomographyComputed Tomography for based X-ray SystemHEMRL/ACEM
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