Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Avalanche Early WarningAlgorithms for terrain and snow parameters for geohazards using multisource sensors dataDGRE
Automated change detection of geohazard events using AI/ML based techniquesDGRE
Data processing algorithms based upon targeted usages for Early warning and Avalanche Detection EquipmentDGRE
Deployment of Sensors/ microphones capable of capturing acoustic signatures in sub-sonic rangeDGRE
Geophone Technology for Acoustic Emission signatures detection produced by snowpackDGRE
Remote Sensing Technology - Snow cover/ pack characterization (SCA, SGS, Snow wetness, density, STS)DGRE
Avalanche ForecastingAvalanche forecast by Hidden Markov Model (HMM)DGRE
Avalanche forecast for a given road axis/sector in binary forecast categories - Nearest Neighbour Model (NN model)DGRE
Expert System (ES) - Decision making system for operational avalanche forecastingDGRE
Avalanche MitigationHand lobbying based system for safe movement when descending from posts located on mountain ridgesDGRE
Slope Stabilization for Avalanche Hazard Mitigation using rapid overloading of unstable snowpackDGRE
Landslide Early WarningGeo-engineering solutions for user required region/routes for Improved forecastDGRE
Landslide Early Warning System (EWS)DGRE
MSDFMulti-Sensor Multi-Source Data Fusion for Geohazard InformationDGRE
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