Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Anti TankLow power IR detector and it's Signal Processing for Top Attack Anti Tank Munitions Mechanisms for Mine MobilityARDE
Autonomous Systems and RoboticsSelf Correcting and Autonomus Target recognition and engagement based Sub MunitionsARDE
CharacterizationBarrel temperature and strain measurement set upPXE
Control & GuidanceAlgorithm for Guidance & Control of Sub MunitionsARDE
GPS or Laser Guided Artillery RoundsARDE
Detonics & MechanismsCourse Correction FuseARDE
g hardened electronics - Multiple Void Sensing and Delayed Detonation MEMS based Fuze TechnologiesARDE
Multiple Void Sensing FuseARDE
Soft Delivery of Mines or Jamming equipment through Artillery Using ParachutesARDE
ECMOffensive and Defensive Electronic Counter MeasureARDE
Munitions for UAVIntegrated Intrusion Detection & Active Response system for Anti-drone applicationTBRL
Munitions for Low Intensity ConflictTBRL
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based Autonomous Off Route Mine SystemTBRL
Network EnabledNetwork based Anti Vehicle MunitionsARDE
Remote control Station  for Network based Anti Vehicle MunitionsARDE
Robust Networking Technology for Inter Module Control and Communication of Network based Anti Vehicle MunitionsARDE
Power SystemSet back generator, Rotory generator or Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) crystal based Power generationARDE
Sensor FuzedProjectile mounted sensor & record systemPXE
Sensor Fuzed MunitionTBRL
Spin AnalysisSpin analysis using signal processing for projectilesPXE
Structural SystemGuided Projectiles Fired Through Artillery Using Bourlett StructuresARDE
Warhead/ExplosiveGuided Anti-Armour Artillery - Explosive/Shape charge based warhead for top attackARDE
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