Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
Acoustic PositioningUltra Short Base Line (USBL) for acoustic positioning of vessels for mine detection systemNPOL
AI/ML TechnologyAI algorithms for Breaching Attempt Detection & Breaching Vulnerability AssessmentARDE
AI algorithms for Target Detection and Interception in MinesARDE
AI Based Mine Reorganization Gap Filling for greater stopping powerARDE
Smart Minefields and associated technologies like reconfigurable mines, autonomous minesR&DE(E)
CommunicationCryptography for Secure Communication with Land MinesARDE
Geo LocationAlgorithms for Adaptation to Environment and Geo Tagging its Position in Mine FieldARDE
Non GPS based geolocationARDE
Kill MechanismsMiniaturized kill Mechanism for MinesARDE
Mine DeploymentCustom Mine Deployment using Smart DispenserARDE
Tube Based Containerized Dispenser ModuleARDE
Ranging for Mine to MineARDE
Network EnabledBottom attack networked Smart MinesARDE
Inter Module Communication of MinesARDE
Top attack networked Smart MinesARDE
Power SystemPower Management TechniquesARDE
Remote OperationsTechnologies for remote command operation for all terrain operationARDE
Side Scan SonarMulti Input Multi Output (MIMO) Side Scan Sonar Technology for mine detectionNPOL
Signal ProcessingAdvanced high-resolution processing techniques for mine detection systemNPOL
Sonar ArrayMulti Input Multi Output (MIMO) Sonar technology for mine detectionNPOL
Wideband under sampled array Sonar technology for mine detectionNPOL
TargetingLow Profile Acoustic Sensor based Target Detection in Land MinesARDE
Sesmic Sensors for Signature based Selective TargetingARDE
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